Ahead is a magical, mystical week full of blissful celestial surprises! This is a wonderfully enchanted time of year full of reward reaping and new beginnings. This week, we celebrate both the beginning of a new season as well as the beginning of a new lunar cycle. This is truly a time to give thanks for what we have been gifted as well as to plant the seeds of any dreams we wish to come to fruition over the coming months.

On Monday the 23rd of September at 2:50 am we will witness the autumnal equinox. This day is one of two days per year where day and night have equal lengths of time. The autumnal equinox signifies the first day of autumn; the first day of fall. This day has both great historical and spiritual significance. Historically, north of the equator, this is the season of the harvest. This is the time when all of the crops have grown to their ripest and are ready for picking and gathering. This season is a time to celebrate and give thanks for the abundance that has been gifted.

Just as the crops have reached their ripest and are ready for harvest, so have the intentions that have sprouted from the seeds we had sewn at the time of the Spring Equinox. It was at that time that we were encouraged to plant the seeds of intention that we had wished to nurture and to grow for the time between then and the fall. Now is the time that the seeds we have planted that have bloomed into beautiful fruits and flowers are ready to be plucked and harvested. The spiritual significance of the autumnal equinox is vast. It is a meaningful time to honour the efforts we have put forth to work on ourselves and our hopes and dreams.

The changing of the seasons are important representations of the rhythms and cycles of all life. As we become more aware of how the cycles of nature equate to the cycles in our lives, our self awareness grows and flourishes. The beginning of the autumn season is an excellent time to rejoice in ritual. Perhaps your ritual includes a mindfulness meditation as you connect your energy with nature; appreciating and giving thanks for all of the abundant resources Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. Perhaps your ritual includes creating an altar that is adorned with natural objects such as fruits, pinecones, squash and wheat. Whichever practice you choose, creating a ritual that resonates with how you express gratitude to Mother Earth and to spirit is a wonderful way to welcome in the new season.

In addition to the beautiful new season’s beginning this week, we are blessed with a new moon in Libra. On Sept 28th at 1:26pm our moon begins anew in Libra. As with all new moons, this is an excellent opportunity to set our intentions for the coming lunar cycle. The best way to set intentions is to write them on a piece of paper. It’s important to take the time to meditate on exactly what it is that you desire so that your written intentions are crystal clear. Once you have written down your intentions, put them away so that you’re not tempted to look at them day after day. When creating your list of intentions, it’s important to send them out into the universe and let go. By letting go of the attachment to our intentions, we are allowing the Universe to create our wishes and dreams behind the scenes.

As the moon and sun are both in the sign of Libra during this time, we can anticipate a desire to seek balance. The Libran nature is to seek to find balance in all endeavours- and sometimes this can take work. We can take this time to meditate on where we feel our thoughts, feelings and actions are out of balance. This may mean a journey within to examine our shadow sides- and that, at times, can be uncomfortable. We must remember that all personal and spiritual growth requires discomfort. Letting go of old energies is not always easy. However should we take on the task of de-cluttering our lives and energies in the name of balance, once it’s all over, we will be glad we did!

With the sun and the moon in Libra, we may feel a magnified desire to be social. Libras often enjoy being the centre of attention. They often enjoy putting on a show for company. While this can be an endearing trait, we must be careful not to entice drama in our social circles. The tendency at this time in our lunar cycle may be to attention seek or to gossip for the sake of enticing others to become interested in us. Or perhaps we may feel the desire to dress a certain way or to project a certain image. Though self-expression is absolutely healthy and important, we must be sure that if we are especially drawn to act in these or similar ways, that our actions are in alignment with our highest good, and not in alignment with our ego’s need to feel worth.

Whatever actions we choose to take to celebrate this magnificent week of new beginnings, let us remember to stay grounded; to stay connected with Mother Earth and give thanks for all she does to nourish our souls.



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