Today, Sunday October 13th gives rise to this year’s full moon in Aries. At 4:07pm  central time today, we will experience the waxing full of one of the most physically energetic signs of the 12. As with all full moons, this one is an excellent time to release old energies and belief patterns that no longer serve us. During any given full moon, the moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the sun. This means that the zodiac sigs of the sun and moon are in polar-opposite positions. Needless to say, this can easily cause a tug-of- war between us and the sign in which the sun sits and us and the sign in which the moon sits.

This month, the moon is situated in Aries while the sun is in Libra. The pull of Earth’s sensitive inhabitants will feel physically energetic. As Aries is a fire sign, this lunar period promises to be full of fiery surprises. In some cases, the tendency of fire signs is to be impassioned about one’s life, one’s love and one’s reason to live. This can be an inspirational energy for us, a time to channel our creativity into new projects with excitement. That said, the other side of the fiery Aries is the hot-headed, confrontational side. Regardless of what sign of the zodiac we were born into, during this 48 hour lunar period, we are all prone to the receiving end of the Aries fire.

Aries are often stubborn and unwilling to compromise. During this full moon, should we become conscious that we are behaving in such ways, it’s important that we stop ourselves before we get into situations that can come back to bite us later on. Aries are often ‘act before I think’ behaviourists. Knowing this ahead of this month’s full moon will allow us the space to stop and think before we react. We must remember that we cannot take back what we say. In order to maintain our own inner peace, it is always important to consider how our words will affect others.

In the Tarot, The Emperor card holds a picture of an empowered man sitting in a throne which has arm rests with ram’s heads on the front and on the upper corners of the throne. Because Aries is the sign of the ram, the Emperor in the Tarot represents the zodiac sign of Aries. The Emperor card heralds the number four. In numerology, the number four represents the desire to seek foundation, to seek grounding and to establish solid framework from which to build a life. The Emperor also reminds us that taking control of our lives is important in order to accomplish our hopes and dreams. However there is a fine balance between having control over our lives and being controlling or having issues with ‘needing’ to control the lives of others and micromanaging.
Pulling us in the other direction is the Sun’s placement in Libra. Contrary to the reactive nature of the Aries moon, the Libran Sun is far more reserved- at least initially. An air sign, Libras appear to be calm, cool and collected. They appear to be laid back and easy going. Approaching all situations from a balanced angle is the Libran method to finding peace in the situation. Their gift is their ability to see any situation from all angles and adjudicate it fairly and responsibly. Thus, should we find ourselves in a sudden desire to lash out at someone (as per the Aries way), we may call on the balanced energies of Libra to bring us to a pause before we do or say anything we may regret.

In the tarot, the Justice card is the number 6. On this card, there is a judge holding a scale which is balanced. The Justice card shows a judge holding scales. The scales that he is holding are balanced. Because it heralds the number six, we are reminded while the sun is in Libra of the unending path the soul takes to find balance. We are reminded to seek balance between the material and spiritual worlds. We are reminded of the ebbs and flows of karma; how our thoughts, actions, feelings and beliefs have consequences. We are reminded that our thoughts, actions, feelings and beliefs create the foundation; the roadmap for the rest of our lives as well as any lives to follow.

Despite that Aries and Libra are polar opposite zodiac signs they do have one common element. And that is their desire for the spotlight. Aries’ often-surfacing all consuming need to be right; fighting to the “death” to get their point across, is all too similar to the Libran desire to prove their point. However, whereas the loyal Aries will believe in their point 100%, the Libra will argue a point for the sake of the debate. Because these two potentially argumentative signs come together during the current full moon, we must always take heed of our triggers. By knowing the triggers that set us into a defensive whirlwind, ideally we will recognize them as they arise, thereby avoiding giving in to them.

An excellent way to honour this full moon is to partake in daily grounding meditations. Because the energies of the sun and moon at this time have the capacity to get the better of our reactionary selves, by performing a morning meditation to ground we can easily set the tone for the day. To ground, simply take a few very deep breaths, connect your foot chakras with Mother Earth, your Crown chakra with the Universal Life Force, draw the energies into your body as you inhale deeply and exhale slowly. As you do this, become aware of your heart centre. Allow yourself to resonate with the vibration of unconditional love. Once you have done so for several seconds, you will be ready to begin your day in a heart-centered way.

However we choose to honour this full moon, let us give thanks for all we have been gifted, all that we have learned and all of the joys to come.

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