Near to the beginning of the sun’s entry into the sign of Scorpio, we find its new moon. The sun’s move from Libra into Scorpio occurred on Tuesday, October 22nd. Thus, within the first five days of the sun’s position in Scorpio, we are granted the opportunity to begin anew. As with all new moons, this is the potential origin for change. This new moon is a delightful time to pen our intentions so that the Universe has a better understanding of our deepest desires.

To create your list of intentions, all you will need is a pen and paper and several minutes to meditate on exactly what you wish to intend. What aspects of your life can be improved upon? What personal strengths do you wish to empower in order to achieve your highest personal goals?

Being that Scorpio is the sign most closely associated with sex, death and the mysteries of the occult, we have a vast opportunity to shift any aspect of our lives in which these subjects exist. Death, of course may not mean death in its literal form; but the end of a cycle or better yet- a deep period of transition between major life events. This is to say that though all new moons are perfectly timed occasions to create new beginnings, this new moon in Scorpio is particularly significant for creating changes in both interpersonal relationships as well as delving more deeply into our own individual magic. This new moon yields the potential visions of how we wish to shift our relationships with others as well as with ourselves from where they currently are to where we wish for them to be.

Because Scorpio is strongly associated with sexual desires, we must take extreme caution when considering the new beginnings we wish to see come to fruition. Mainly, when we create our intentions for this new moon it is imperative that we do not include other people within our intentions. During this lunar period, we may fall prey to lust. We may find that we desire to be close with someone so badly that we wish beyond all wishes to be with them. However, before we write anyone else’s name on our list of intentions, we must firmly remember that manifesting (intending) any wishes for anyone else will likely violate their free will. Taking such actions is bound to bring the business end of karma along to help us to remember the hard way that we are only responsible for ourselves. The acts of creating intentions out of lust and creating intentions having to do with others are both very low vibration activities and will bring back to us experiences and circumstances that reflect these low vibrations that we have put out into the Universe.

Scorpio is a water sign, as are Pisces and Cancer. However it is said that while Pisces and Cancer behold warmer, nurturing waters, Scorpio’s water is icy cold. When Scorpios are crossed, they tend to be very vindictive and begrudging. While not all of us are Scorpios, we must beware that this energy is afloat in the atmosphere during this lunar period. We must take care not to take the actions of others personally which we will be inclined to do during this time. We must remember once again that we are only responsible for our own actions and reactions. Should we feel mistreated by anyone during this lunar period, we can remind ourselves that the new moon in Scorpio is an especially emotionally sensitive time; this offending feeling will pass within 48 hours. In fact after that time it will feel as though we hadn’t been offended at all.

To add fuel to the fire, during the sun’s and moon’s positions in Scorpio, we also have Uranus opposing the moon. This is sure to create havoc in the lives of many. Uranus is the planet of sudden change. It is the planet that is known to “shake things up”. Given that Uranus opposes the moon in Scorpio, we can expect that our sexual relationships, personal stability, and balanced aspects of our lives to be shaken up. We can expect break ups and breakdowns. We may even feel as though our world has turned upside down. Though this may seem unfair and unruly, we may take comfort in knowing that the universe has “shaken you to awaken you”. By paying attention to what is being shaken up, we can ask ourselves if this is truly serving our highest good. Is this in alignment with our Divine purpose? We must remember the beauty in letting go of that which does not. The beauty is that life and its experiences are impermanent. We are gifted situations and circumstances on a temporary basis so that we may learn from them, enjoy them and then let them go. And how gently we choose to let them go is a reflection of our ego’s need for attachment. As Buddha said “attachment is the root of all suffering”. What we may take away from this is that when we feel that an area of our life has been shaken up, learning to detach from it will save us much suffering.

Though many of us may feel like our lives have been turned upside down, honouring this new moon is a wonderful way for us to find balance and harmony. By giving thanks to the experiences that challenge us for the lessons they teach us, we are keeping our vibrations high. By honouring all of the experiences that come our way, we are showing to the universe just how strong we are. And it is this strength that we can embody to inspire others. Whether we choose to perform a new moon ritual or whether we have alternative means of honouring this lunar period, let us always be grateful for how far we have come.



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