Tuesday, November 12th 2019 marks this year’s full moon in Taurus. This full moon is a particularly wonderful opportunity to examine our long term goals. As with all full moons, this full moon brings with it the prospect of releasing energies (in whichever form they appear) that no longer serve our highest good.

In addition to Tuesday’s full Moon this week, we also have the privilege of witnessing Mercury’s transit. Mercury’s transit across the sun occurs when Mercury passes between our Earth and the sun and is visible to us. Be forewarned that looking directly at the sun either with bare eyes or through a telescope can cause blindness. If you wish to observe Mercury’s transit, be sure to wear appropriate eyewear. On it’s own, Mercury’s transit is an interesting astrological event. Because Mercury is representative of communication,  we may find that during his transit, our communicative abilities are enhanced. We may find it easier to communicate with others and with ourselves. That said, Mercury, the planet that stands for communication is in retrograde (more on this later in this article), we may find the desire to go within and seek communication with our inner child. We may find ourselves looking inside, seeking answers to questions that may have previously alluded us. We may even receive inner guidance and wisdom regarding that which we had previously been unable to find. 

Only one day after Mercury’s transit across the sun, we encounter this year’s full moon in Taurus. Because the sign of Taurus is an Earth sign, making the time to honour this full moon outdoors in nature is a must. In addition to our own process of connecting with Mother Earth, we will be expressing respect and gratitude to the Creator for gifting us such a beautiful planet. The essence of communication with Spirit and the creator is gratitude. By maintaining this elevated vibration, we will be able to find a clear mind with which to release that which no longer serves our highest good. This is to say that before we engage in any spiritual practice, it is a good idea to be mindful of where your energetic frequency may be. By working towards elevating your energetic frequency before engaging in any spiritual ritual, healing or any like activity, your guidance throughout will be clearer and more productive. Connecting with nature anytime is an integral aspect of grounding. However, connecting with nature during the Taurus full moon can bring a greater sense of peace; a greater realization and understanding of the oneness of all creation.

This full moon in Taurus gives us the power to see a longer term goal come to fruition. In addition to Taurus’ hard working, goal oriented nature we see Mars’ connection with Jupiter at this time. The connection between Mars and Jupiter ensures good fortune and success. For those who are in the middle of, or considering new and exciting projects, this is a wonderful time to put your plans into action.

The nature of the Taurus personality is loyalty. There is an emphasis during this lunar period on the home and family. Because the Taurus is so hard-working both in the “office” and at home, we may feel a struggle as to which one takes priority of our time. We may feel a tug-of-war regarding “want” versus “need”. We may become all-consumed by what the future holds and we may forget about the joys of being present in the moment; the joys of spending time with our families. We can easily lose focus on our families for the sake of working hard to make money for plans that may or may not happen in the future. Though our intentions are always good, it is vital to our health and the health and balance of our families to remember how precious each moment is. We may want to remind ourselves that there is so much value in what we have now. We may want to remind ourselves that spending too much time with our heads in the future takes away from all the goodness that is NOW.

The Sun still wades through the icy sign of Scorpio. For some, this can spell ungrounded. The Scorpion nature can feel very intense at times and has the capacity to throw us off centre. While ordinarily, we may feel as though the wind has been knocked out of us, during this lunar period we can rely heavily and gratefully on the grounding nature of the Taurus full moon. Because Taurus is an Earth sign, we can take comfort in its grounding nature to balance us from the extreme Scorpion energy.

In addition to the sun’s position in icy Scorpio, we are reminded of Mercury’s retrograde throughout this lunar period. During this time, we can be prepared for communication breakdown. (For more information on Mercury retrograde, read: https://soulsticespirit.com/2017/04/09/mercury-retrograde-what-does-it-mean/). While the Scorpion sun energy would have us wanting to be alone anyway, the Taurean need to be surrounding by friends and family could find this retrograde to be problematic. Though we have no control over where Mercury is at this time, we can prepare ourselves for missed communications, lost paperwork or emails and overall poor decisions. Perhaps if we are mentally prepared for this, its events will be lesser impactful on us.

The moral of the story is: avoid getting caught up in the minutia this week. Spending too much time and energy on planning the details of your future takes away from the beauty of the now. Stop and smell the roses. Know that when you are present in the moment, keeping an equananimous vibration, your future will be bright and successful. By being present and having faith that your long term goals will come to fruition, you are sending a message to Spirit and co-creating your future.

However you choose to spend this lunar period, remember to give thanks to Mother Earth, the creator and the loved ones you call family. Immersing yourself in the loves of all of these aspects of your life will bring great inner peace and harmony.



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