The week upcoming harnesses magical celestial energy! The astrological events that are set to occur have the potential to offer to us joyful new beginnings from every which way. From today’s winter solstice to Thursday’s New Moon/Annular Eclipse, this week, the last week of the decade, proves to be one with much potential to reinvent ourselves toward a higher purpose for the years ahead.

Today, Saturday, December 21, 2019 marks this year’s winter solstice. The winter solstice is the first day of winter.  The winter solstice is a time to celebrate. It is a time to give thanks for all that we have harvested in the autumn season. It is a time to celebrate the beginning of a long season of reflection of our lives and ourselves. We can utilize this first day of winter to ask ourselves: over the last year, what have we accomplished? What have we learned? What personal goals have we accomplished? What can we improve upon? What areas of our life require our attention, our intention- to heal?

The winter solstice is the longest night of the year. It is an occasion during which we will feel inspired to peer into our own darkness; to search within it, to wade through it and to acknowledge and accept ourselves for all that we are; dark and light. As the winter season comes upon us, all is still. This stillness is a grand occasion to find peace in each moment. The stillness of winter is an opportunity for us to take the time to rest. Many of us can be quite focused on the self-imposed need to be everything to everyone- to accomplish every single task on our list no matter how exhausted we become in the process. The winter solstice reminds us that rest and rejuvenation are just as important as being the fierce warriors we are. Just as nature rests and is still during the wintertime, so will we be in an effort to rebalance our tired, overworked selves.

As the winter solstice is the longest night of the year, it also gives way to the rebirth of the sun. As the days get longer little by little, we allow Light to slowly re-enter our darkness. The sun’s rebirth grants us the beginning of a new cycle. Thus, though the winter’s darkness casts an opening to reflect on cycles past, it also births a new beginning. It grants us the wisdom to work through our darkness to make way for new and higher light. The nights slowly become lighter and the darkness seems lesser long. The rebirth of the sun consents to limitless possibilities for our own creation!

In addition to the beginning of our winter season, we have yet another beautiful dawning this week. The second of the two opportunities for new beginnings this week is due to surface on Thursday December 26th. The new moon in Capricorn arises then with an explosive energy. The New Moon in Capricorn lends us its strength and confidence to put our strongest desires to work. As this decade’s final new moon, we have an impending opportunity to create for ourselves wonderful years ahead. As with all new moons, this one is an ideal time to manifest our life’s wishes. This moon’s position in Capricorn will have us writing an empowered list of intentions for the upcoming year.

During this time, both the sun and moon are in Capricorn. Capricorns are extremely diligent and hard working individuals. For those of us willing to commit to the work, drawing the Capricorn energy into our spiritual practice at this time will prove to be very rewarding. Both business and family matters are highlighted during this new moon. We have the ability now to improve both of these aspects of our lives- IF we put in the time and energy to improve ourselves.

The new moon in Capricorn’s arrival several days before the turn of the decade is ideal for those who wish to make their last minute, long overdue life changes. This new moon is powered by Capricorn- the zodiac sign of “getting it done”. This is to say that when we are creating our list of intentions for this new moon, for the upcoming year, we must write with intention and integrity. Simply putting pen to paper will not suffice for this new moon. We must take the time to deeply contemplate what it is that we wish for ourselves that is alignment with our greatest good. And once we have chosen that which we wish to manifest, we must mark our intentions down with confidence and conviction as this is the Capricorn way.

Perhaps what makes this new moon most powerful, aside from its being the final one of the decade, is that it’s also an annular eclipse. An annular eclipse occurs when the Moon is farther away from the Earth than usual. Thus, for the duration of the eclipse, the Moon does not cover the entire sun- all that remains is a ring of fire around the moon. During this time, the sun still emits light. Though the eclipse will occur at a time that is visible only to Asia, Australia, East Africa and the Indian Ocean, its effects will still be felt in North America. Eclipses, much like our winter solstice, allow us to come face to face with our shadows; our darkness. As the sun illuminates the moon, our dark sides are illuminated.

The spiritual nature of the annular eclipse is a powerful one. Usually, during a solar eclipse , the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun which creates the ideal energy for us to wade through our shadow sides; our subconscious fears. However, during an annular eclipse, the moon appears smaller in the sky, leaving a ring of fire around the moon. This ring of fire represents the inner fire we all carry deep within that propels us to work through our deeply rooted subconscious fears. Let us utilize this ring of fire thoroughly, to rid our consciousnesses, to cleanse ourselves of that which no longer serves us.

In combination with our winter solstice, there is much possibility to go deep within and to work on the aspects of ourselves that could make us feel uncomfortable. Though at times, this task can be daunting, self- work is vital for the purpose of self growth. We, as spiritual souls, are in these bodies to learn. We are here to grow and to find peace and harmony within ourselves despite any external circumstances. These celestial events, occurring during the last week of this decade, have the potential to catapult is into the new year- the new decade, with flying colours. We are given a golden opportunity this coming week to release all of the trauma and residual pain that we have lived through, that we have survived. We have an opportunity to check our baggage at the door at the beginning of the new cycles upon us. The choice is ours- do we wish to carry our pain with us into the next cycles of our lives? Or do we wish to release them once and for all?

Whatever celebratory activities in which we find ourselves this week, let s remember to give thanks to all those who have given us the opportunity to grow and flourish. For many of us, 2019 has been a very challenging and heartbreaking experience. Let us aim not to dwell on the pain we may have been made to endure, but to focus on what we have learned from the pains and traumas of the year. Let us focus on how much we have grown, how much more empowered we have become as a result of surviving our struggles. Let us be aware that we have the absolute power to recreate ourselves and the decade ahead. Let us focus on our inner strength and give thanks to ourselves for being true survivors; for being true warriors.



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