Welcome to the 2020’s! This new decade promises to be one of new beginnings, worldwide learning experiences, rebellion and revolution. Astrologically speaking, our new decade comes in with a BANG! TO begin the second weekend of our decade, rises our first Full Moon in the sign of Cancer. At 1:21pm on Friday, January 10, we witness the very first Full Moon and Eclipse of the 2020’s. How will YOU begin this new decade?

Full Moon in Cancer is heavily rooted in family and friends. Cancer fules the breasts and the stomach; the bodily areas that relate to bearing children.This maternal energy will take us on and flow through us throughout the weeked. As Canceris a water sign and water signs are deeply in touch with their emotions,, we will feel called to deeply nurture our loved ones. As we nurture our loved ones,we may ask ourselves “why stop there”? Why do we just tae the time and energy to nurtureothers? This is the time to capitalize on the concept of “nurture”. We ay wish to take this one step further. We may wish to take this nurturing energy and run with it. We may choose to run so far that we feel drawn to engage in selfless service. We may open ourselves up to the inspiration the  act of ‘giving’ brings and it use it to be of service to those in need. – OR – Equally as necessarily, we can take this notion of ‘nurture’ ad run with it all the way to our own doorstep. We may utilize this energy to self-nurture. To allow ourselves the time and space we deserve. After all, you cannot care for anyone else until you care for yourself.

Often, we believe that we do not have the time for self care. No matter who you are or what your life entails, there is ALWAYS time for YOU! This can be something as simple as a bath, a short walk in the woods or even a ten minute nap. This means and activity that is just for YOU.

While our Moon is bathing in the waters of Cancer, our sun stands transfixed in the Earthy sign of Capricorn. Fortunately for those of us who may easily get swept up by the emotional depths of watery Cancer, we have the Capricornian energy to call upon to ground. As Capricorn is an Earth sign, it has very strong ties to our Mother Earth and has a big enough heart to bring us down from our emotional flightiness.

Both Cancer and Capricorn are correlated to family life. They both wish to see a fully functioning, nurturing family unit. This lunar period is an excellent time to step back from our family life and ask ourselves what is working and what is no longer. With Cancer’s unending love for harmony in the home and Capricorn’s structured approach, engaging in teamwork with our family to weed out any discomfort is the healthiest approach to use. That way, everyone feels heard and appreciated.

Capricorn is also focused on work and survival. There is emphasis at this time on making ends meet. There is much tension in the air regarding the future of our planet, or economy and how it will affect us and our families. These are concerns prevalent on the minds of Capricorns that will be echoing in the minds of others during this lunar period. To further intensify things, we have our first solar eclipse of the decade. A solar eclipse occurs when the Sun comes between the Earth and the moon. This celestial event is a time when we may feel a magnification of the Sun’s and Moon’s energies. On this particular occasion with the Sun and Moon being where they are, we may feel drawn to examine our shadow sides in the areas of home and work. We may feel very uncomfortable around the hours of 11 am CDT which are the hours of the eclipse. During this exciting celestial event, it is important to take the time to come face to face with the sides of ourselves that we may not like. This must be done so that we can confront them, learn from them, heal them and banish them for good. While the sun eclipses the moon, Capricorn eclipses Cancer. We may feel weighed down as Capricorn thrives on structure and function whereas Cancer is ruled by emotions. To get through these heavy feelings, we must submit to them and accept that working on our shadow sides does take structure. It is the structure that will meticulously have us weeding out old beliefs, thoughts and feelings that we can leave at the doorstep of 2020.

On the subject of structure and function, a mere two days following our first full moon and eclipse, we face Saturn conjunct Pluto. For this time period, we are facing two of the coldest, most unfeeling planetary energies thrusting toward us at the very beginning of our new decade. We may feel limited, restricted and bound to the hard work it takes to tread along our healing journeys. however unlike the 48 hours of the lunar period, this planetary conjunction is a slow and painful shifting. We may encounter healing crises, we may relive past pain that we had understood to have previously worked through. HOWEVER- as daunting as this all may seem, the work we are thrust into at this time is but a small point as compared to the fruitful prosperity that lies on its other side. Though we may feel, for a short period, helpless and confused, we must look at this as an opportunity for discipline and hard work. This alignment only comes around our solar system once every 34 years. As with any, we can view this alignment with a grain of salt, or we can shift our perspective and rise to the occasion and face it, engage in self-discipline and conquer the shadow it casts upon us.

Welcome to 2020.




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