Today is a wonderful day! It is this year’s full moon in Leo. For most, this full moon will be a highly positive charged lunar period. After months and months of difficult astrological alignments, after months of the deep dark work we have done on ourselves in the same of spiritual growth and self love, we are finally gifted an uplifting Full Moon period! As with all full moons, this one is a time to release our intentions into the atmosphere. We have worked hard on our intentions that we have set on the new moon and this is the time to let them go and allow the Universe to work with us to co-create the reality in which they come to fruition.

Leo is all about self-confidence. Leo is a fire sign which means that we will be full of passion for our endeavours both personal and professional. This lunar period is an excellent time for us to express our passions in the ways that bring us joy. The moon being in Leo brings about a sense of awakening and confidence. Leo’s are empowered, courageous individuals. By connecting with the Leo energy during this full moon, you will bring to the surface inner strength, courage and conviction. Leos embody the spiritual warrior consciousness. They are fearless and unafraid of self work. To harness this Leo energy is to allow ourselves to break free of the fears that come along with change. Leo is a fire sign which means that this lunar energy allows our passionate side to emerge, encouraging us to cast aside any self imposed blocks in the name of following our hearts. Leo is emotionally driven and very passionate about the cause. This sense of determination can create an ideal environment to recognize what we wish to shift within our lives and to take the head-first plunge into it.

Leo, the sign of the lion, embodies courageous energy. It invites us to align with our inner strength in order to discern what aspects of our lives are fulfilling our needs and which are not. Are there any aspects of our lives that are out of alignment with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing journeys? By connecting with our personal power of discernment, we can easily and confidently acknowledge which aspects of our lives we can let go. Perhaps these aspects of our lives had once served a purpose on our healing journey. Now that their purposes have been accomplished, they are no longer necessitated in our lives.

For those of us chasing after relationships, this may very well be the occasion that we feel inclined to put ourselves “out there’ and take that risk. In addition to the confidence that shines in the atmosphere, our full moon is in perfect alignment (trine) with the planet Mars. The alignment between the full Moon in Leo and Mars gives us the courage to take initiative. We will intuitively become aware of exactly what we want and how to go after it. With all of the self empowerment going around in our environment, we may feel excited about going after the prospects in our paths. This means love. If there is someone you’re after, now is the time to go for it! For those of us currently in relationships, this is an excellent time to spice things up. This is a time where we feel secure, self assured and energized about our partnerships. This is a wonderful time to reignite the flame in our romance. It’s a great time to try something new and exciting!

There is, however, one pause for thought. Though Leo’s are confident, empowered and courageous, they can sometimes be hot headed and stubborn. There may be a tendency, for some during this time to feel frustrated if circumstances do not unfold to their liking. Leo’s can sometimes also be impatient which can lead to arguments or anger. For those of us who are short-tempered, let us remember that drawing on the Leo moon’s energy can make us feel more frustrated than we already are. For those of us who feel impatient, argumentative and confrontational, this lunar period is an excellent opportunity to learn to LET IT GO. Learning to walk away from confrontations is a tool that will be useful for the rest of our lives. It is a tool that will bring us inner peace and wisdom. So- if not now, when?

While the moon is in impassioned Leo, the sun is in tepid Aquarius. Aquarians are quite removed from their emotions which allows for logic to take the forefront. Though air signs, Aquarians have a unique way to remove themselves from attachment to emotions and circumstances to obtain an objective view. When it comes to self-work, drawing on the sun’s  Aquarian energy will allow us to remain objective in all of our endeavours. This is particularly helpful while processing any aspects of our lives that no longer serve our highest good. After all, the more we attach ourselves emotionally or physically to that which we desire to release, the more difficult and dramatic it becomes. By harnessing the detached mantra of the Aquarius sun, the discipline of release will feel simpler.

The Aquarian solar energy will have us in full warrior mode, discerning what must be released without becoming overly attached to what we must bid farewell. The lunar and solar balance create an optimal time to shed our skin and become in alignment with our improving paths for the new year. Between the warrior Leo and the warrior Aquarius, we will be running full force into the brightness of our futures, letting go along the way of all that does not serve our healing journeys.




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