Monday, March 9th births this year’s full moon in Virgo. As the night sky is decorated with three planets, this lunar event promises to be a colourful one! This full moon is our first of two Supermoons of the year. This means that while aglow, the Supermoon appears larger than a regular full moon. This “super” aspect is visible as the moon is at its closest to Earth relative to the non-supermoons.

As with all full moons, this one is ideal for releasing. Taking the time to meditate, ground and release each and every full moon is a wonderful way to clear out old, stale energy and make room for the new and positive. Partaking in grounding is necessary in order to release that which no longer serves our highest good. Any and all grounding meditations are enhanced through contact with nature which will be easy at this time. As Virgo is an Earth sign, we will gravitate toward spending time in nature. We will feel at home in nature which will provide a comfortable environment in which for us to ground. With the moon in Virgo, we will find it quite easy to connect with our Mother Earth in order to ground. All we must do in order to ground is to touch a tree, connect our feet with the ground (if we are in an available climate to do so), or to envision ourselves rooted somehow into the Earth. We can then take several deep breaths, enhancing our Earthly connection. After we have connected with our Earth, we may send our old, stale energies into the Earth. Do not concern yourself with whether your energy will harm Mother Earth. As long as you set the intention to release your old energies into the Earth to be neutralized and healed, you will not be causing any harm. By setting the intention and the invitation for Mother Earth to help you to heal, you will be communing with her in a natural and beautiful way.

During this seemingly chaotic time, we may feel the need to organize ourselves. Because the sun is in ethereal Pisces, we may have recently been feeling a loss of control over our lives. If we have, this full moon is just the gift we need. Virgo is a meticulous, organized sign that aids in organizing and reorganizing which will help is to reinstate control over our lives. If we have been feeling overwhelmed lately, we can call on the energy of the Virgo moon to help us to put our lives in order.

The Virgo full moon can create a sense of discomfort within us, as it illuminates the areas of our lives and minds that, to us, are imperfect. There are lessons with this. For those of us who are perfectionists, we may find, at this time that we become easily frustrated by our imperfections. Should this occur, we must remind ourselves that perfection is a myth. It is far easier to accept ourselves fully than to battle our ego every step of the way. We know intellectually that nobody is perfect. Therefore we must learn to love ourselves for who we are instead of becoming frustrated by how we do not fit into the myth of perfection. Let this full moon in Virgo serve as a reminder of the remainder of the self-healing we must to do in order to learn to love ourselves fully and relentlessly.

In addition to our full moon in Virgo, 90 minutes before sunrise on March 9th, three planets will be visible. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will be strung in a diagonal line above the horizon. There is yet another strong tie to the Earth element as Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto transit through Capricorn (Earth sign) and Venus and Uranus transit through Taurus (Earth sign). With Mars in Capricorn, we will feel a drive to work. Particularly for the self-employed, this time period supports brainstorming, getting to work and seeing your projects through to their completion. This lunar period is an excellent time, in addition to the aforementioned getting into nature, to lay any foundation for new projects that have been on the backburner. This is a great time to put yourself to work. Any activity that requires diligent physical labour is favoured now as Earth energy emphasises construction of ideas both physically and mentally.

Thankfully, on this day Mercury resumes forward motion. All of the chaos of the last three weeks will finally calm. We will feel lesser apt to stay in and hide under the sheets, feeling more social and communicative. Because of the highlighting of Earthly matters, communication in relationships is favoured. This is a good time to have that “chat” with your partner, as the lines of communication have cleared and you’re now able to see eye to eye.

After several weeks of disorder, turmoil and disarray, we finally find the reins to reel it in and regain control. This full supermoon comes at the perfect time. Taking charge of our lives, de-cluttering and reorganizing are the ideal activities in which to engage at this time. After all, spring is just around the corner!

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