On this coming Tuesday, April 22nd sits this year’s New Moon in Taurus. This new moon is full of magical new beginnings. As with all New Moons, this one is an ideal time to take heed of all of the intentions you wish to set for yourself and your future. New Moons are the perfect time to plant our seeds of intention, watching them grow from little seedlings on the New Moon to the flourishing flowers of our garden on the Full Moon upcoming. Ideally, keeping a pen and paper close by will help you to remember your intentions by writing them down. Additionally, by writing your intentions on a piece of paper, you will be letting the universe know exactly what you wish to accomplish so that they are able to do the work behind the scenes in order to help your dreams to come true!

Co-incidentally, this year’s New Moon in Taurus falls on Earth Day. Taurus, a sign of the Earth element’s teamwork with Earth Day will have us thriving in and striving to be in the great outdoors all day long. We will want to connect with our beautiful Mother Earth in a variety of ways, from grounding meditations to outdoor sports to basking in the radiant glow of the sunlight. Thankfully at this time, most of us have the luxury of extra time on our hands to honour our Mother Earth. We now can understand the validity of appreciating her and not taking her for granted.

We may choose, on this Earth Day/New Moon occasion to honour our Mother Earth by creating an altar in or outside our homes. With the air so much cleaner, we may choose to take a long walk in nature and make a point of collecting several natural items that inspire us such as a beautiful rock, petrified wood or other gifts that we come across, offered by Mother Nature herself. We may even go so far (I know I Do!) as to ask, when we come upon an attractive object in the forest or on a trail, Mother Earth if we have her permission to remove the object in question from where it lays. It is common to believe that every natural object is in a specific place for a specific reason. Given that it does not belong to us, we may wish to ask her permission to use it for our altar. *An altar is a designated place on a mantle, table or in a corner that is used to collect various items that hold energetic value to the collector. This is the area that the collector will cherish as a part of her/his spiritual ritual.*

Given that at this time, the sun and moon are both in Taurus, the sign of the bull, we can expect to butt heads with our home and business partners. This is a time where everybody has a strong opinion about everything. It is important to give people a wide berth; most especially at this time when many of us are very far out of our comfort zones without access to the activities that balance us. Let us remember that part of our lesson in the human mind and body at this time is to practice forgiveness of others. We must remember that it is very easy to hold a grudge. However it is of a much higher order that we do the work it takes to forgive those who seem to offend us. After all, most people who are confrontational and argumentative are only reacting to the pain that they have lived through. We must understand that we are often triggers for those who have been hurt and as such may we understand the value of patience and compassion; especially at this time.

On the brighter side of things, Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. Given that both the sun and moon are in Taurus, we can expect to truly appreciate the beautiful things. Dance, art, music, nature; this is an ideal time to get lost in the majesty of beauty. It is a perfect time to engulf ourselves in splendor. We are all at our emotional tipping point now. Engaging in listening to inspirational music, dancing our hearts out, gazing at art, flowers and painting- these are the activities into which we can pour our emotions. Being that the sun and moon are currently ruled by Venus, there is also a strong appreciation of the human form. This is a recommended time to engage in romance. Ideally, this would be an excellent time to go out on a romantic date to an art gallery or ballet. However, a virtual date will have to do!

Whether your plans include a family trip into nature or a virtual date, this New Moon/Earth Day is sure to be a welcome day away from the chaos-minded world!

To schedule a Mediumship or Animal Communication session, email: jmorgan.soulstice@gmail.com .


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