Thursday, May 7th yields this year’s Full Moon in Scorpio. Nicknamed “The Fighting Moon’, this full moon warns against putting ourselves in any potentially volatile situation. The full moon in Scorpio promises to be an explosive day of self-expression, cold shoulders and the taking of everything far too personally. The good news? Within 48 hours after May 7th’s full moon, all of this volatility will wear off. Let’s hope that there is no longer lasting residual damage.

This Full Moon in Scorpio is the final of three Supermoons of 2020. A “supermoon” occurs when the proximity between the Earth and the Moon is the smallest, giving the illuminated moon a “bigger” looking body in the night sky. Because the moon is literally closer to the Earth during a supermoon, it appears to be larger in the sky as opposed to the other full moons throughout the year.

As with all full moons, this one is an ideal time to practice the releasing of all that exists in your life at this time that no longer serves your highest good. Thanks to the “fighting moon”, we will be hyper conscious of any toxic relationships, thoughts and behaviours that we need to release. That said, it is important to recognize what truly requires releasing from our lives versus what is a temporary upset due to the moon’s position in Scorpio. To practice proper releasing, all we must do is to sit quietly and ground. Once we have partaken in a grounding exercise such as meditation or a nature walk, we can safely look within from a balanced state and take note of that which we are ready to release from our lives once and for all. Only YOU have the power to be able to discern what needs to be released.

Named “the fighting moon” after Scorpio’s reputable sting, this moon could have the vast majority of us feeling wounded when all is said and done. While regardless of the warning, we will likely feel this way, we can take comfort in knowing that we are not alone and that it will pass. If we are brave we may also choose to use this as an opportunity to practice forgiveness of those who seem to have hurt us. Not only is this “fighting moon” one that could have us at odds with others, but it is also one that could have us at odds with ourselves. Often, we are our own worst enemies. We have the power to consciously shift our awareness.  From letting ourselves fall prey to self doubt and internal self battle to allowing ourselves to delve deeper into what it is that triggers us to behave this way will have a long lasting harmonious affect on our journeys to inner peace.

Scorpio, a water sign, begs us to look deeply at our emotions. It begs us to uncover and examine our triggers in relationships with others as well as in relationship with ourselves. The more deeply we learn about our self-love and self-need with respect to relationships, the more we will find that shallow relationships fail to meet our needs any longer. We may find that learning about ourselves, what triggers us and what makes us tick will broaden our desires to find partners who are on similar paths to self love. Should we find ourselves already engaged in such balanced partnerships, we may find that our moon’s time in Scorpio and help us to learn about our partner on an even deeper level than we have before. Ideally, the “fighting moon” will have a lesser “fight” and a greater opportunity to learn.

Many of us may find this moon to be emotionally overwhelming. We may find that this water sign will facilitate a feeling of drowning in our emotions. “Water, water everywhere!,” we may feel. Should we fall under this category, we can stay afloat by calling on our Sun sign of Taurus. While our Moon wades full in the watery sign of Scorpio, our Sun remains rooted in the earthy sign of Taurus. Earth signs such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn help us to stand our ground in times of emotional and spiritual upheaval. If we are feeling overwhelmed and overloaded at this time, let us call on our Sun’s trusty Taurean energy to help us through. To do so, all we need do is take a walk in nature. We can choose to keep walking through a wooded area, we can choose to remove our shoes and root our feet into the Earth, or we can choose a different method that works well for us, individually. Thankfully we have more time to do this than we may ordinarily might. Engaging in regular grounding exercises is an excellent way to maintain a healthy balance and focus. Partaking in daily morning grounding rituals can help us to find focus before we even begin our day. Becoming familiar with how our bodies react to grounding techniques will only provide us with healthy coping tools at any time we feel dislodged from our balanced state.

Though this lunar period has a strong propensity to throw us far off course, knowledge is power. Because we are aware of this potentiality, we can prepare for it. We can accept that we may feel “off” for a few days and that it will, as does all else, soon pass.




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