An opportunity to begin anew, this year’s New Moon in Gemini falls on Friday the 22nd of May. As with all New Moon’s, this one is the ideal time to create. This is a perfect time to plant the seeds of your desired future. By writing your intentions down on paper, you are taking the first step to allowing the magic of the Universe to unfold. At this time in our Earth’s chaotic history, we now have the opportunity to contemplate what we desire for ourselves once the chaos settles into its new normal.

As many of us are anxious to get back to any version of normal, we must be patient. We must have faith in Divine timing. Saturn’s position respective to our New Moon in Gemini will allow us to approach our longer term goals in a methodical, structured way. Saturn whose key words are “structure” and “function” will grant us the grounded approach we need to create a stable future for ourselves. This planetary alignment is likely to present us with the recognition from our peers and family of a job well done. We can expect to feel as though our hard work is finally paying off.

Best known for its dual sided nature, Gemini is the sign of the twins; Castor and Pollux. At this time, we may feel conflicted about our futures. As we embody the energy of the Gemini moon and its duality, we may feel as though we are constantly battling one side of ourselves against the other. We will find ourselves second guessing each decision we make. While it is important to be sure of our decisions before we make them, over-thinking our choices can become a nightmare. Over-thinking can seriously inhibit any progress and personal growth we’ve made. Unfortunately over-thinking is a main staple of the Gemini moon. In order to avoid being taken hostage by the hamster wheel of over-thinking, take the time during this lunar period to learn to trust your intuition. Your gut will never fail you. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know how to read your gut reaction without second guessing it. There are several ways in which you can learn to trust your gut; most of which begin with learning to quiet your mind. Without the background noise that thinking creates, we are more receptive to the visceral feeling of our intuition. Another way to discern the truth of our intuition is to pay attention to how our body responds to certain circumstances. Our body will literally tense up if our intuition is letting us know that a situation does not feel right. Of course, everybody’s body and intuitive response differs from the next. It is best to do some research and learn what works best for you!

With our planet Venus in retrograde, this is not a time where romance can be taken seriously. Venus, the planet of love is in retrograde which means that any matters of the heart should be taken with a grain of salt. This is not a time to make any concrete decisions about taking any ‘next steps’ in our romantic partnerships. Should you meet someone new of romantic interest, be sure to avoid falling in love too soon as you will soon see that this person is not being altogether honest with you. Pay extra close attention for red flags.

Whereas ordinarily, Gemini is a highly social astrological sign, in this particular case, we must be cautious with respect to social engagements; whether one on one or in groups. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury’s claim to fame is that is represents all communicative efforts. Mercury is the planet of spoken word, typed letters, TV, radio and all types of communication. During a regular Gemini New Moon, we would likely find ourselves engaged in many social pursuits – yes, even during social distancing, we would be tempted to find a way. This new moon is a wonderful time to take note of any dreams and goals that we have. Because it is a New Moon, we will want to take advantage of the lunar period in which the moon waxes (gets bigger). Particularly because the new moon is in Gemini, we can also choose to capitalize on its communicative tendency. The highly social Gemini has no trouble in articulating its wants and needs. HOWEVER. Because this New Moon forms an astrological ‘square’ (in layperson’s terms, a type of opposition) to the planet Neptune, we must be very wary when it comes to our social desires. The astrological skies warn against making any concrete decisions as because of this planetary alignment we will feel a pull in two opposite directions as fact and illusion battle it out within our minds. Again we see encounter the theme of “duality” with both the Gemini twins and the new moon square Neptune. We can find that we are living in two opposing realities at the same time, rendering it virtually impossible to make a definite decision.

As you may have guessed, we will tend to be all over the map with this new moon. Between the dual sided Gemini moon, Neptune’s battle between logic and irrational spirituality and Venus retrograde, this is a time where we may experience the proverbial spinning of our head. Though we may be unable to make tangible progress with our immediate plans, shifting our focus to longer term goals will allow us a window into the endless possibilities of the future. Take the time during this lunar period to plant the seeds of your future. For all that you plant at this time will come full circle by the light of the Full Moon in Gemini in six months time.



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