A powerful celestial week lies ahead! The combination of Friday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius and the penumbral lunar eclipse is sure to electrify our lives. Though this lunar eclipse is only visible in Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa, its profound effects will most certainly be experienced all over the world.

During a lunar eclipse, the Earth passes between the sun and moon, casting its shadow onto the moon, creating a progressively darkening celestial event. While indeed a spectacular sight to see, its astrological energy is nothing short of magnificent. Spiritually speaking, the Sun represents our personality, or the aspects of ourselves that we show to the world while the moon represents our subconscious mind and our shadow sides. During a lunar eclipse, our sun, moon and Earth form a powerful alignment. It is at this time that we are able to align our persona with our subconscious mind and shadow sides. It is at this time that we have a beautiful opportunity to bring forth our shadow sides in an effort to heal them and to make peace with them. During the course of the eclipse, even if we are not able to see it, for example if it is only visible from a different side of the world from where we are or if it is cloudy, the energy of the lunar eclipse is quite prevalent. This is an optimal time to come to terms with our shadow selves. In other words, this is an optimal time to look hard at the parts of ourselves that make us feel uncomfortable. It is time to look deep inside of ourselves at what we are masking so that we can remove the masks and become a more authentic version of ourselves.

In addition to this powerful lunar eclipse, we have the profound opportunity to work with the energies of the Sun in Gemini and the Full Moon in Sagittarius. With Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury juxtaposed to Sagittarius’ ruling planet Jupiter, this is a perfect time to throw a party! If, under the circumstances, parties are unable to be thrown, we will still find ourselves wanting to dress up nicely and have a video chat gathering. Mercury is known for its communicativeness and Jupiter for its confidence, intelligence, wit and wisdom. With these two planets ruling the weekend, it is clear why we will want to engage in social activities.

The moon waxing full in Sagittarius brings with it some challenges; foremost of which is the theme of ‘overindulgence’. Both Jupiter and Sagittarius have an “expansive” nature about them. Jupiter and Sagittarius love festivities and their favourite aspect of festivities is eating, drinking and being merry. While being merry is always an enjoyable way to spend and evening, these two love to overeat and over-drink. There is a strong tendency, during the Full Moon in Sag to overdo everything. From food to alcohol to exercise to sleeping, there is a major desire to indulge until we cannot possibly go anymore. While this may sound like fun, we must always keep in mind that there are consequences to our actions.

In addition to overindulgence, a common Sag trait is their insatiable thirst for knowledge. While this moon waxes full in this sign, seeking means of expanding our minds could take centre stage at this time. Whether reading books or reading people, we will be inclined to want to seek the means to learn. As many of us are staying home at this time, reading, studying and partaking in intentional spiritual growth is a worthwhile way to spend this lunar experience. Coupled with Gemini’s Mercury (communication) influence, this Moon is an excellent time to take a course on a subject that you love! What a better way to celebrate the Mercurian need for communication and the Jupitarian need to learn than to listen to and participate in a classroom environment?

Being mindful of our need to control all external circumstances is vital at this time. Sagittarians often feel a deep desire to “make sure things go their way”. Should we encounter this type of behaviour within ourselves or others, we can acknowledge it as a gift of a lesson of how to relinquish control of our behaviours to the Universe in the belief that the Universe will create the perfect outcome of any and all for all involved.

If and when we do begin to feel off balance, we can thankfully rely on the balanced nature of our Sun’s position in Gemini. On a good day, Gemini is generally laid back, carefree and able to see the humour in most situations. When we feel the grip of our need for control getting out of hand, we can step back and align our energies with the Gemini sun.

However you choose to spend this spectacular celestial event, be sure to give thanks to your angels, Mother Earth, the Universe and most of all to yourself. Even though it seems like you have a long way to go on your journey, it’s important to be grateful for all of the hard work you have put in. This Full Moon/Eclipse is one that will balance our darkness and our light with respect to socialization, communication, overindulgence and leveling out how many tasks we take on. This is a time to look deep within at our love/hate relationships with our addictions. This is a time to recognize and identify with our shadow sides, bring them into the light and celebrate them!


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