Today, Monday August 3, 2020 gives rise to this year’s Full Moon in Aquarius. At 10:59 CST, our Aquarius moon waxes full opposite our sun sign in Leo. As with all full moons, this one is about releasing. At every full moon juncture, we are given the opportunity to let go of all of which no longer serves our highest good. There are a great many spiritual rituals in which we may partake in order to release said old energies. In whichever ritual or belief we hold to engage in our release, we must be mindful that they all centre at the power of intention. This is to say that as long as we intend to release old energies that do not serve us, so they shall be released.

The theme of this particular full moon is that of freedom. Given that this full moon is held in the sign of Aquarius, we can expect to feel the strain of the ties that bind. Aquarians are air signs and they are the beholders of water. Being an air sign, Aquarians are generally open to going with the flow. Air signs are often detached from a specific place or rudimentary plan. They are often mentally and emotionally able to move freely. Additionally, as we may or may not know, symbolically water represents emotion. Aquarians, the beholders of water, behold in such a way that they remain detached from their emotions. They do not proceed to engage with the water, they merely hold it in a chalice so that their only contact is with the holder of the water and not the water itself. Thus, we may feel inclined to detach from our usual emotional state in an effort to free ourselves from its bind.

The yearning to be free can and will come in all shapes and forms. Perhaps it is through a relationship. Perhaps it is through a job or living environment. However most assuredly, it will come through in our desire to be free of our own thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs that hold us back from being freer than we ever have been before. Though at this time, our freedoms are undoubtedly limited, there are ways that we can currently begin to slowly chip away at our unhealthy patterns and begin to replace them with new ones. If we cannot go on a solo vacation and take days away at a time to ourselves, let us learn to be happy with ten minutes. If we cannot throw a party and immerse ourselves in social enjoyment, let us be happy having a drink or coffee with one friend. If we cannot plan a winter vacation to our desired destination, let us be happy finding somewhere more accessible during these unpredictable times. Happiness and freedom are not necessarily about changing our entire lives overnight. They may be about accepting that at this time we are limited in our choices and being grateful that we have any, however small, at all.

We may yet be uncomfortable during this lunar influence as Uranus, the unstable sign of surprises, resides at this time in the stable and secure sign of Taurus. What does this mean? It means that this particular planetary alignment reinforces our desire to be free. Uranus is the shaker up of old thoughts and beliefs whereas Taurus tends to rely on foundational thoughts and beliefs for comfort. This causes a conundrum. We may be thrown between our desire to shake it up and move on up and our desire to rest on the laurels of our comfort zone. Uranus in Taurus’ square of our Aquarius full moon will bravely encourage us to take action in the way of transforming our viewpoints and accessing new information in order to influence our dreams coming true.  However, this inner conflict is a mere reflection of the Aquarius full moon’s temptation to LET IT GO.

May we remember, when faced with the personal challenges to walk away from that which no longer serves us, that when we release, we make room for he dreams and goals that we have been manifesting for months. It is important, should we want to see our goals and intentions come to fruition, that we de-clutter our lives and our minds to make ample room for them. This is the time to commit to our causes for self and for that which we truly and deeply believe.



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