Peaking today, Saturday, the 27th of February, this month’s Full Moon in Virgo comes at the perfect time. With the closing out of Mercury’s hectic retrograde and the Sun’s entry into Pisces just one week prior, this Full Moon is a welcome beacon of peace.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgo emphasizes communication. We will likely feel drawn to socializing, writing or any task that allows us to creatively “get the word out”. For those who are stuck at home and have wanted to persue a career in writing; books, blogs and articles this is the perfect time to let loose and let your creativity flow! As with all creative endeavours remember that true success comes from creating for the sake of creating and not for the sake of seeking validation from others. Virgo often has a constant need for validation within business, familial and romantic partnerships. Be mindful that any creative efforts you put forth within the scape or writing or any other venture be done from the authentic heart, free of the desire of fulfillment from the validation of external influences.

By the light of this Full Moon in Virgo, there is also major emphasis on partnerships; particularly romantic. Virgos often give relentlessly within their relationships and expect their partners to reciprocate. However, this may not always be the case. Giving itself is an act of kindness. However when we attach expectation to the gift, we are doing ourselves a disservice. Giving, free of expectation is the highest form of generosity and kindness. After all, when we release expectation from any experience, we let go of any potential for disappointment.

An Earth sign, Virgo can be quite grounded. For those of us feeling chaotic or overwhelmed, this full moon allows us an opportunity to relocate our footing. As it is a Earthly sign, this lunar period is an excellent time to make extra time to head outdoors into nature and commune with the beauty of our Earth. Partaking in grounding meditations within nature can be very refreshing and restorative to our energies. This full month’s light is especially powerful in terms of generating restoration of our energies through Mother Earth’s harmonic vibrations.

Alternatively, for those sensitive souls, the Virgo Full Moon can bring out our highly self-critical sides. Notoriously meticulous, Virgo people are often come down very hard on themselves for any aspect of their lives which seem to be imperfect. Yes, Virgos have perfectionism in their blood. Because we are all privy to the Virgo energy at this time, we may too, feel the need to chase after unattainable perfection. Unfortunately, the juxtaposition between the Virgo Moon and the Pisces Sun can create an atmosphere wherein we can get quite carried away with our self-critical thinking. Because Pisces warrants an ethereal energy, it will be easy for us to get lost in self doubt. We may even find that we seem to be backtracking in areas where we believe we have already grown and healed from.

Should we find ourselves amidst this downward climb, let us be aware that we have the power to change our tune at any given moment. Simply by making a concerted effort to stop and realize that our thought train is bringing us down and further away from our goal of self love, we are able to slowly turn our thoughts around. We can also acknowledge that any emotional, spiritual and mental discomfort will pass. Opening a dialogue withboursleves about our feelings will allow us to move through them in a healthier more rational way.

Due to the meticulously organized nature of Virgo, this lunar period is an opportune time to clean house. Both physically and metaphorically, this Full Moon highlights decluttering of the mind and surroundings. By ridding our environments of that which we no longer need, we gain a deeper clarity into what thereafter remains, also making room for the new and wonderful future ahead.

At this time, a deep reflection and restructuring is needed. There has undoubtedly been an air of fog lingering about which may have caused confusion and disorientation with our goals and plans. As a result of Virgo’s Earthly nature, this lunar period is an ideal time to begin an updated task list regarding how to prioritize and achieve your goals. There is, along with this Full Moon, a tremendous amount of loving, positive energy associated with dreams, aspirations and goals. However, “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. -Antione De Sainte-Exupery. Take the time this weekend to create a logical, comprehensive plan to achieve those long standing goals!

Regardless of your Zodiac sign or level of sensitivity, take this Full Moon in Virgo for how it can help you to heal. Allow yourself to become entwined with its grounding vibrations. Let your feet root into the ground and let Mother Earth take all of your pain away simply by returning to you a balanced, solid footing. Allow yourself to align with a new level of freedom that casts away the suffering of the past and welcomes in a new and magnificent dawn. This moon surely signifies a beautiful picture of greatness to come on a personal and public level!



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