As we grow older, we understand who we are. We understand that the experiences we have had have shaped us. The people in our lives have left their imprints on us. And on our journeys, we learn to understand who we are apart from those external influences. When the time arrives that we understand ourselves, separate from all else, we may find ourselves at a loss for how much gravity we have given other people’s authority. And because of the ever changing nature of existence, their beliefs and realities grow farther and more distant from our own awakened state.

For those who have dedicated our lives to self-mastery, we have manifested a keen awareness of what no longer serves our highest good. That which no longer serves our highest good is that which becomes out of alignment with our altruistic path. That which no longer serves us may be challenging to release as some of the last relationships to go are those which we hold so dear. Emotional attachment can be the hardest to face. For once we have done all we are capable of to fix a situation and there is no resolution, it is time to walk away.

Especially when faced with those whom we have known for most of our lives, looked up to and cherished, delineating what serves our highest good and what is being maintained to keep the peace to our own detriment can be complicated. Sometimes merely keeping the peace can leave us feeling stifled, unheard and insignificant. And for those of us on a mission to find and embody self-love, these sorts of relationships can be counterproductive at best. So how do we make everyone happy? We often cannot. So we must, in the name of self-preservation, nurture ourselves by closing the door.

For some of us, if conditions are poor enough; if we have not stood up for ourselves after years of being condescended to, insulted or laughed at, when we have this realization we may have the initial desire to slam the door closed. However, in keeping with Spiritualist tradition of practicing kindness, we may want to take a step back to reflect before taking action.

Because as spiritual souls, we are learning to heal all karmic retribution from our energy fields, we will want to close this door with grace and ease. If we act on our instinct to finally give a person a piece of our mind or “tell them how we really feel”, we subject ourselves to the laws of cause and effect. Though we are always subjected to the laws of cause and effect with every action we take, we will want to remember that the law of cause and effect is not our enemy. It is our friend- provided our actions are out of harmony, peace and love. This way, when we fall into the law of cause and effect, what will affect us is the act of love that we have caused in the situation as opposed to an angry or retributive action.

Part of the challenge of learning to abide by the law of cause and effect is learning to dismiss the egoic human nature. But with hard work and discipline, we are readily able to stop the ego influence before it controls us, and act out of love.

In this particular event, to act out of love as well as self-preservation is to gently and gracefully let our loved one know that we appreciate all she or he has given us, and we are now ready to close the door with grace and peace. Though the person on the other side of this may lash out due to misguided anger, fear or simply wanting to invoke our anger, we must let it go. We must close the door, be strong and walk away. We must not let those who operate from their ego level influence our personal and spiritual growth. We are strong. We are aware that we are working toward a greater good and that this means that along the way, loved ones, experiences that used to bring us joy and that which we used to place value on may fall away. As we progress on our journeys, we are in a constant state of shifting. As we grow, we attract new and equal experiences and people with like vibrations.

To close any door, particularly with those whom we love unconditionally takes courage and strength. It takes the awareness and faith that we know what is right for us, in spite of what anyone else claims. As long as we stay true to our inner knowing, we are sure to succeed. We are sure to attract miracles and wonder. We are sure to expedite our passage to learning to love ourselves.


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