Organic herb tea can be beneficial to both you and your animal friend. Certain types of herbs have a powerful healing effect on cats and dogs if administered correctly. ALWAYS ensure that you boil the water thoroughly before adding the herb. Leave in fridge over night to steep and cool. Be sure to have a dropper handy to administer to your animal, using about ½- 1 dropper full per day depending on the size of your animal. Do not use for prolonged periods of time. Here are 5 types of herbal teas with digestive aid and nerve-calming qualities for your companion animal:

5) CATNIP- Catnip, for at least 2000 years, has been regarded as a multi-faceted healing herb. It is nerve-calming, gastrointestinal cleansing (gas and bloating minimizer) and detoxifying.

4) CHAMOMILE- Chamomile herb tea is great for relaxing the gastro organs such as liver, stomach, spleen and gall bladder. Chamomile is calming and helps to alleviate indigestion in cats and dogs.

3) DANDELION- Dandelion root is a common gentle diuretic. This can help your animal friend if he or she is having issues with eliminating waste, or is bloated and uncomfortable. It improves digestion and is an anti-inflammatory. DO NOT use dandelion root or any other form of diuretic if your animal friend has kidney or urinary bladder conditions, as this can lead to further complications.

2) SLIPPERY ELM BARK- Slippery Elm is a powerful gut cleaner. It also aids with respiratory issues and skin clearing. Slippery Elm soothes the digestive tract while allowing excess toxins to be removed with the animal’s waste. DO NOT USE in pregnant or nursing animals. Ensure that you are getting the inner bark only. This herb is ideal for constipation. If your animal is experiencing constipation, be sure to check his/her food for appropriate moisture and fibre content.

1) MARSHMALLOW- Marshmallow root has many healing qualities. Not only does it soothe the digestive system but it helps with healthy skin and respiratory issues. Marshmallow has a long healing history including being named an immunostimulant. If your animal is predisposed to allergies, or weak organ function, this tea is ideal. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the reason your animal may be experiencing weak internal organ function is due to a weak immune system. Marshmallow is known to boost this system. DO NOT USE if your animal has an overactive immune system.

With any questions about these teas or other herbal remedies for your cat and dog or to schedule an appointment, email: jmorgan.soulstice@gmail.com

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