Most of us love our animal companions to pieces and would do anything to keep them in our lives as long as possible! Did you know that the main reason animals are put down too early is due to a lack of knowledge by the animal’s person? Too often humans are unaware of the vast information available that could save their animal’s life, or at least prolong it for a few years.

1)      Exercise –Just as with people, allowing a regular exercise regime promotes healthy cardiovascular function, healthy circulation, bone density, confidence and longevity in animals. By exercising our animals’ body AND mind, we will be keeping our animals fit and sharp. Just as with people, animals thrive through proper health habits.

2)      Healthy Food- animals are without options with what they get fed. If you took your animal friend to the store to choose her or his food, would she or he choose the food you are buying currently? If animals could speak, they would definitely want good quality food. Because our animal friend is unable to go to the store to buy her or his own food, this is our responsibility. It is our duty as caregivers to put ourselves in their positions and ask ourselves what would be the most nutritious source of food for our animal’s bodies? As we know, the animal and human bodies function optimally with optimal nutrition. And, the concept that healthy food is expensive is a myth. There are a number of higher quality brands that will not burn a hole in your wallet. In fact, there are a number of healthy brands that cost far less than the ones you’re currently buying. If you are buying your cat or dog food at a human grocery store, you may want to rethink it. At the very least, read labels carefully and research the factories where the food was made. Those who follow these feeding guidelines know that some animal food brands are often untruthful about the exact details about where the food was processed and which order the ingredients should really be in.

3)      Regular trips to the holistic vet- animals are incredibly sensitive to energy. They are so sensitive that they assimilate all energies that they encounter into their own energy bodies. Whether a fight at a dog park, their people’s fight or a series of stress-related incident the animal stores that energy in her or his body. Because this is a very regular occurrence, the animal can easily create an energy blockage in her or his energy field.  If not cleared or removed properly, this energy blockage can trickle down into the physical body. This trickle down can cause a physical blockage such as a knee issue, diarrhea, vomiting, chronic allergies; pretty much any physical ailment that seems sudden but has in actuality been building over time. By visiting a holistic vet on a regular basis (once per year) the vet is able to catch energy blockages before they can cause serious health issues. Often early organ failure can be PREVENTED by seeking holistic advice from a holistic vet. Through a vast understanding of the body’s energy systems, the holistic vet is able to track any blockages and treat them with acupuncture to relive the buildup of energy. Some cancers have been healed and many prevented.

4)      Regular visits from an Animal Communicator/Energy worker- Animals have messages. Whether they are profound or personal, every companion animal desires to express her or himself. If the animal feels like she or he is not being heard, this can be very stressful for the animal. This is often seen in multi-animal homes, homes with children and homes with a lot of visitors and/or angry family members. When animals feel, they feel incredibly deeply. And, if these emotions are bottled up within the animal for a prolonged period of time, the stress takes its toll. This can lead to chronic illness and/or misunderstood behaviour. Generally speaking, your animal friend is not suddenly acting out without reason. Your animal friend is trying to get your attention. If you are unable to discern what this message is, contacting an animal communicator will help. Animal communicators read energy. Energy is animals’ fundamental language. Because animal communicators are so well versed in energy, we are able to read what is happening inside and around an animal, as one would read a book. By having an animal communicator come in for a regular visit (once or twice per year, barring any unforeseen circumstances), your animal will feel that he or she is being heard. This will stop the stress before it becomes toxic. It will also help your animal friend to know that you care and that communication between you two is important.

5)      Reduce stress- stress is more damaging to an animal than some may think. When humans and animals get stressed, they often act out. If there is no outlet for their stress, they can easily take ill. By reducing stress in the animal’s environment such as loud noise, clutter, screaming children, arguing, poor quality food, lack of exercise, lack of respect of space (the list goes on and on), we are promoting a healthier and longer life for our animal friends.
In addition to the promotion of longevity through these five steps, we are also promoting and ensuring a better quality of life for our animal family members. Given that they are our loyal, unconditionally loving companions and we are theirs, they deserve nothing less!

FOR MORE INFORMATION EMAIL: jmorgan.soulstice@gmail.com

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