An empath is a person who takes on energies of other people and places and integrates them as her own. There are two kinds of empaths. There are those of us who are conscious empaths and those of us who are unconscious. Those of us who are conscious empaths are aware that we take on external energies and are often able to stop them before we begin to integrate them as our own. Those of us who are unconscious empaths are often unable to recognize that what we are feeling may not be of our origin. When the latter happens, we can become easily overwhelmed, and not know why or where to turn. Because empaths are so sensitive, we are always at risk of attack by negative or harmful energies. Harmful energies do not necessarily mean physically harmful, however they are energies that resonate below our natural vibrations and are liable to bring ours down. Symptoms of being an empath are:

-Feeling drained after being in a crowd or with an emotional person

-Suddenly feeling sad, angry or depressed after speaking with someone who has those characteristics

-Extreme sensitivity to violence, cruelty and abuse

-Extreme sensitivity to media

-Taking situations very personally

-Energy matching people with whom we are conversing

-Feeling easily burnt out

There are so many ways for our energies to go haywire! With all of these potential situations, it is crucial to learn methods of self-protection.  Here are five tools that every empath needs to know about how to protect and heal:

1)      Sage- Sage is an ancient traditional tool used to neutralize negative energies. Called “smudging”, lighting dried sage and burning it around our living space and personal energy fields can rid us and our homes of energies that we may have attracted due to our empathic nature. Our living spaces may also attract negative energies based on who comes into the space, who has lived in the home prior to us and the land of the energy that the home was built on. Not only can the home take on energies based on the above three, but residual energies from arguments and trauma that have occurred in the home can also sustain themselves if uncleansed. Sage will remove residual energies and protect any undesired energies from entering or sustaining there.

2)      Crystals- Crystals have subtle vibrations that can protect and heal our energy fields. Certain types of crystals have a frequency that an protect our energy fields from negative and/or harmful energies. One example is black tourmaline. Black tourmaline is known for its protective properties.  Placed in a pocket, purse or pillow case , black tourmaline is sure to protect invasive energies from interfering with us.

3)      Learn to protect your energy- By utilizing a simple and brief daily meditative exercise, we are able to create an energetic force field around ourselves. With this force field, we are assured that no energy can get through to harm us. By consciously inviting Archangel Michael into our space and asking him to surround us with white Light, to “clear and shield” our energy field, we will be invoking a layer of protection around our energies. We will be helping to prevent burnout.

4)      Energy Healing- Whether we choose to receive energy healing on a regular basis from a qualified practitioner or learn to practice it on ourselves, it is a very highly effective form of treatment for empaths. Because it is energy specifically that we are taking on, it would stand to reason that treating ourselves with benevolent energy will combat any residual undesired energies.

5)      Take regular breaks- empaths can easily become overwhelmed with energy. It is important for physical, mental and spiritual health that we take regular short breaks. It’s important that we take time for ourselves so that we do not burn out or worse- become ill. When we become overloaded with uncomfortable energies and there is no outlet, the uncomfortable energy has the potential to take its toll on our physical bodies. This is why it’s important to take the time to let it go. Take the time to reconnect with yourself; to nurture and to heal.

Especially in this day and age, there are countless opportunities to let other people’s energies create a fearful mindset within us. It’s important to first acknowledge which thoughts belong to us and which do not. Once we practice the art of discernment we will be far more apt to survive as empaths in such a tumultuous global environment.



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