These days, anything from stomach aches and food to movies and nightmares can be signs of extreme sensitivity. Now more than ever, humankind is realizing that the external world can have a deep impact on our mind, body and spiritual growth. It can impede our progress or it can make us stronger. The choice is ours to make.

For those of us who are highly sensitive souls, navigating through our lives in this day and age can be extensively challenging. Sometimes it seems as though we can’t go anywhere or do anything without feeling overwhelmed by what we see. And sometimes it crosses our mind that life might be easier to handle if we stayed in the comfort of our own homes and kept to ourselves.

Setting foot on a spiritual path has its challenges. Though most outsiders believe that being spiritual means that we have overcome all of our fears and worries, those of us who have been on our paths for quite some time know all too well that this common misconception is just that: a misconception. Being spiritual has never meant that we have all of the answers, or that we have overcome the desire to feel angry, sad or hurt. In fact, sometimes being spiritual means that we become so sensitive as to want to feel these feelings on a much deeper level. Being spiritual does not mean that we have let go of feeling these feelings- it means that we have the wherewithal to acknowledge our feelings, feel them and heal them in order to move on.

Sometimes, to sensitive souls, it can seem like “everything is happening to us” or that we are “always being punished”. We can’t believe that other people are behaving in a certain way, harming the Earth, with blatant disregard for Mother Earth herself and her inhabitants of all species. It can be quite traumatic to witness on an ongoing basis, and we may feel stuck because it feels like we have no choice in the matter because no matter where we go, destruction is everywhere. Further, we may feel helpless in an effort to stop these atrocities.

We, as sensitive souls, tend to take everything personally. We do this to the point that we become burnt out and exhausted. But as all experiences in life, we have a choice. We can let these circumstances get the best of us, or we can accept that these circumstances are beyond our control. And with acceptance comes the knowledge that we have the power to effect change on an energetic level. We have the power to stop, be true to the moment and send love to ourselves, human perpetrators and most of all nature. We can realize that as sensitive souls, we can empathize with even the nastiest seeming humans. We can understand that their actions are bigger than themselves. Instead of judging and hating, we can make the Earth a more tolerable place by sending those people love in hopes that in some small way, it will affect them. For THIS is why we were born.

What we must remember is that we were born this way intentionally. Even though our sensitive nature can seem like a curse, it is in fact a blessing. We chose, in tandem with The Creator, to be born at this time in this way to change the world. Changing the world may not mean, necessarily that we will lead the world into a better day. It could, but if it can also mean that by changing the heart of one person we can create a series of events that could spark a positive change in a big way.

We must remember that we are not alone. We are not the only individual born this way. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of us everywhere. By being true to ourselves and living our truths, we will find that we gravitate towards other individuals who have had similar experiences. We will begin to attract similar types of people who are on a similar path, and we may begin to feel a sense of comfort in this.

In addition to the strength we may gain from forming alliances with other souls on similar paths, we can be sure that we are also supported by The Divine. We can rest assured that we are not alone by any means, even when it feels as if we are. We can have faith that we are guided by something outside of our bodies yet so strongly connected to whom we are intrinsically- who we were before we acquired bodies, personalities and Earthy experiences. And we can trust this guidance, for it knows our truth better than we do. To rest our trust on The Divine, to relinquish our fears, worries and challenges, is to begin to heal as ultra-sensitive souls, and to begin to heal the insensitive world.


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