8:10 am central births the full moon in Sagittarius!  Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter which has been in retrograde for the last four months. This explains why we may have had difficulty manifesting our goals. The great news is that 7 minutes before this Sag full moon, Jupiter regains forward motion! We can celebrate by reclaiming our pens and papers to write down our intentions. Even though intention writing is most often done on the new moons, in this particular case, we may find an extra bit of power and motivation behind the words we write.

Because Jupiter deals a lot with belief systems, its retrograde for the last four months may have found us reliving old belief patterns in an effort to re-release. Remember, just because we thought we have worked through an aspect of our unhealthy beliefs does not mean that they are gone once and for all. This may have put us through an extra cycle of hard self-examination. With this morning’s forward motion, we can be sure that the cloud will slowly lift, giving way to a light, more jovial feeling. And the jovial feeling is completely in alignment with the Sag birthright to want to learn and experience everything with high spirits!

With the Gemini Sun opposition to the Sagittarian influence, we may find that we are inclined to daydream the day away. Gemini is an air sign, and though Sag is a fire sign, it is often responsible for the creation of lofty goals and ideals. And because of Jupiter’s forward motion, with a little bit of hard work and persistence, we may see these lofty goals realized!

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury which stands for communication. With the Sag moon above, we may discover a heightened ability to recognize truth versus untruth. We may find that we are able to easily discern what we receive that serves our highest good and that which does not. However, because of the Saturnian influence here (Saturn stands for structure of function) we may find that releasing that which no longer serves our highest good takes a bit more work than usual. That said, when we do release, we will feel empowered and self assured.

There may be a bit of conflict between the Sag/Jupiter free spirited energies and the Saturnian desire for structure and function. By committing to the hard work involved, we can keep our heads above the water and succeed. Because there is a strong tendency to notice untruth within our personal lives as well as globally, this is a very significant moon. This moon and its surrounding days can allow us to take note of the untruth and injustice that surrounds our planet and our species. Instead of accepting that it is what it is, we can fight back. And the best form of retaliation in any battle against injustice is to be still, centre our hearts, and send love. Send love to animal kind, Mother Earth, humanity and even the powers that be who may be spreading injustice. These powers that be are the ones who need our love the most.


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