If you’re like most spiritual warriors, you have probably on more than one occasion asked yourself “Why is nothing happening?” And if you’re like most spiritual warriors, this question comes out of a feeling of frustration. After working so hard for so long, why does our positive shifting come to a glaring halt?

Believe it or not, the spiritual plateau- or the glaring halt we are experiencing is a sign of growth. It is a sign that we have achieved all that was necessary for us to grow up until this point. This is sign of progress. It deserves a celebration! The halt is a brief period of time that we are gifted for the purpose of re-evaluation of our lives; how far we have come and where we wish to see ourselves in the near future.

Though the plateau may appear at close sight to be a vast wasteland of nothingness, it is just the opposite. It is a transitory time for us to reflect and be grateful to ourselves for our recent perseverance, our fortitude and our empowerment. This is a time to rest before we are shown our next climbable mountain. All spiritual warriors are well aware that rest is just as important a component as is working.

We are the creators of our own destiny. But before any creator can create, she must reflect, recharge and reprogram. The restorative time of the spiritual plateau is present for us to nurture our bodies, to rest our minds and to recharge our souls.

While we are recharging, the spiritual plateau is the time to look within, and self-examine. The spiritual plateau has overcome our lives so that we have the time and energy to go within and seek out aspects of ourselves that no longer serve us; aspects of ourselves that are ready to be released. Though the stillness can be full of confusion and frustration, it has arrived because we have come to a point where we are ready to take the next steps in our spiritual evolution. It is a time to seek and account for any remaining blocks, fears and negatively impactful belief systems. And it’s a time to create a plan to heal them and let them go.

Sometimes it feels like nothing is happening because we are too focused on what appears directly in front of us. There is always something, in fact a myriad of things going on “behind the scenes”. What that means is, when we set intentions, many “background operations” must take place in order for reality to shift to our desired experience. This is because our intentions and wishes often involve situations and circumstances, time and place. In order for these intentions and wishes to happen, we must be at the right place at the right time. In order for Spirit to get us there, they must create sets of circumstances to allow these intentions and wishes to unfold in the highest and greatest good of all involved. Patience is a necessary lesson to learn when we are working in tandem with Spirit. Even though we may not see immediate results and it feels as though we are on a plateau, this is merely a false impression. Space and time are always unfolding at the rate that they need to in order for the unfolding of our experiences.

Trusting that each experience is coming to us at the best time for us to fulfill certain aspects of our karma, our learning experience is the most promising way to allow our destiny to unfold in the highest and best way for ourselves. When we release attachment to the ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ of things, we are letting Spirit know that we walk in faith with their plan for us. Spirit is able to see the bigger picture when we are unable. Though it often feels as if nothing is happening, and we are stuck, in fact this is an illusion.

The spiritual plateau is both an illusion and an opportunity. It is an opportunity to be grateful that we have the time to rest before our next life cycle begins. It is an opportunity to take stock of where we are, what needs re-adjusting and where we’d like to be. It is an opportunity to make a commitment to ourselves to continue to heal with strength of conviction, no matter what comes our way. It is an opportunity to reaffirm our faith in ourselves and our faith in Spirit. The spiritual plateau is a key element of the path to peace.

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