1)      XYLITOL- There is always hype surrounding sugar-free products being healthier choices for us on our daily paths to wellness. While this can be true for humans, many sugar-free foods contain a chemical sweetener that is TOXIC to dogs. This chemical is found in sugar-free peanut butter, sugar-free chocolate, gum, candy and many other regular household items. The sugar-replacement is called XYLITOL and is highly toxic to dogs. It can cause blood sugar lows and induce seizures. Make sure that you read all of your sugar free food labels carefully and keep the toxic ingredients out of reach of your dogs!

2)      ACETAMINOPHEN- any pain-killers, blood thinners, or other medicines that contain ACETAMINOPHEN should always be stored out of the dog’s reach. Though most human medicines may cause damage to dogs, Acetaminophen is particularly toxic.

3)      ANTIFREEZE- Obvious to most dog owners, antifreeze is a poison. Lesser obvious to most dog owners is that the taste of antifreeze is appealing to dogs. This makes them unaware that it can harm them. Pay attention to where you leave your cans of antifreeze in your garage or basement to ensure your dog stays away.

4)      TEA TREE OIL (also known as Melaleuca oil) – tea tree oil is a highly useful oil to have on hand. It is great for cleaning household items while being environmentally conscious. Please be aware that this oil is highly toxic to dogs (and cats). They do not have to ingest it for it to cause harm. If it is rubbed on their skin or paws, it is likely to rapidly absorb into their bloodstream and cause illness. Keep it away from your animals and where your animals put their paws!

5)      GRAPES AND RAISINS- grapes and raisins have been linked to kidney failure in dogs. Experts say that even a small amount can cause harm to some dogs. They are sweet tasting, so if left out your dog might want to try to eat them. Make sure they are out of reach!

These are only five of many common household items that unknowingly may cause an accident with your dog. There are many, many more to take note of! Before adopting an animal into your home, its important to do as much research as we can to ensure a safe and happy environment for all!


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