As many of us believe, we have lived lives before this one. Some have lived a few and some have lived a great many previous lives. According to spiritualist philosophy, we continue to reincarnate until we have become fully in alignment with our Divine essences. Each time we reincarnate, we learn certain lessons. We carry with us, from life to life, that which we have already learned in order so that we need not repeat the same trials unless we are still to learn from them.
Your past lives may not have occurred on Earth, or as a human. You may have been terrestrial, animal or any other Universal being. You may even have already completed your spiritual journey and have chosen to be reincarnated to lead others to enlightenment! Feeling like you don’t belong here on Earth is a very common feeling among terrestrial souls and souls who chose to reincarnate for the greater good of humanity. The unwavering desire to be of service to animals, humans and nature is another common sign of having lived the majority if not all of your necessary lives on Earth.
Many old souls have experienced past lives full or trauma and turbulence. Occasionally there will have been unresolved issues. This will be evident in any current circumstances that seem familiar, or include a feeling of “heart-wrenching”, “longing” or any such intense feelings. We may be drawn to certain places and certain people in this lifetime to work out those unresolved issues.
Other old souls may remember lives of joy, celebration and wealth where they lived and loved. They, too may be drawn to certain people and places as a result of SOUL RECOGNITION- meeting someone for the first time and feeling like you’ve know them before but can’t quite place it.
It’s always interesting to wonder how old our souls are and where and when we may have lived before. Here are 9 ways to tell if your soul has been around throughout the ages:
1) You are drawn to items from a time period before the one you’re in. These items can be antiques, movies with plots about a specific time period, art, music etc.
2) You have an innate understanding of the nonphysical realm.
3) You are naturally empathic and/or telepathic
4) You have a strong desire to travel to a foreign country and once you get there it feels like home, regardless of whether you have previously been there,
5) You are drawn to learn a foreign language that has nothing to do with your day to day life.
6) You can channel spiritual, nonphysical beings
7) You have little to no focus on material objects, and place your focus on living free of attachment
8) You have an innate understanding that all beings are equal and have tremendous compassion for each and every being on the planet (and in the Universe)
9) You have dreams that you are in a different time in a different place.
If you’re not sure where or when you have lived before and would like to know, there are a few ways to begin to delve into that realm. You can begin a meditation practice, a dream journal or even undergo hypnotherapy. You can begin a Shamanic Journeying self-practice, become a Reiki Master or other energy work practitioner or simply ask Spirit to help you remember, as long as it’s in your highest and greatest good!




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