We are strong. We are fierce. We are powerful. We are often single. Why?

A great many women are single in this day and age. Because of modern society’s striving for gender equality, women no longer need men in their lives; it has now become a choice. This we know. Though this is certainly something that we, womankind have been praying and fighting for for centuries, there is also a sort of side effect of this shift.

As the global social consciousness shifts into gender equality, so does spiritual consciousness. Because of this, women are coming into their power. We are becoming empowered at an exponential rate, reclaiming not only our individual empowerment, but also the empowerment of woman kind, past, present and future. And this is an incredibly important task! Some of us know that we have chosen to incarnate at this time to fulfill many spiritual purposes. And it empowers us further. But at the end of the day, if we are making such great strides to heal ourselves, womankind and the planet, why are we often unable to find an appropriate long-term mate?

Finding a mate on our wave can be challenging as our wave is can be inconsistent, which can make relationships challenging. There is much to learn in solitude. And relationships create karma which can be antithetical to our progress on the path to enlightenment. When we examine the root of why it is that we are seeking a partner, perhaps we can see that often (not always, but often) it is due to a reflection of something within us that bears attention. Is it that we feel lonely? Do we feel insignificant? Do we seek a constant source of validation from others? Before we find the right partner for us, we will want to be whole, to be complete, to be content as individuals so that any mate we attract will be of a sympathetic vibration. In order to be whole, we must learn to love ourselves for who we are; from every which way.

There is, of course, the old adage that women mature faster than men, or that there is no such thing as a “good man”, etc. That, friends, is a belief system. There are many spiritual, wonderful men with good hearts and kind souls. However, we might find that the spiritual man is, alike us, going through his life in a solitary fashion. Why?

Whether the spiritual woman has committed her life to her spiritual path before she incarnated or sometime afterward, one similarity is clear: spiritual people grow, shift and learn at an exponentially accelerated pace. This rapidity of shift and flux can make it challenging to find a partner. To find two souls who accelerate at the same pace and grow in the same direction is extremely rare. It is additionally true that should we find partners who have also committed to their spiritual journeys, we may both grow at a similar pace, but our respective growth can easily develop in different directions.

In addition to accelerated growth, a majority of spiritual women are fiercely independent. In some cases so much so that it can be intimidating to any perspective partners. Or, it can be a source of contention in cases of two empowered partners in a relationship. Because spiritual women (and men) are on a mission, it can often feel like their partner is impeding their progress. If not initially, then 10, 20 or 30 years down the road. Of course, this is not always the case. In some cases, our partners can help to uplift us and provide a sacred space for us to grow. This connectivity of growth will only happen when both partners have done the work on themselves to allow a truly loving relationship to enter into their lives that is genuinely created for the good of all involved.

The spiritual woman embodies the essence of determination. She embodies strength of conviction that is unwavering. It is this strength that gets her through the challenges that her spiritual path entails. And she treads this path with whole heart and soul. As she accelerates along this path, she leaves others in her dust. And the further along her path she finds herself, she also finds herself surrounded by fewer and fewer likeminded individuals, as fewer and fewer people have the vigor to work so hard on themselves. Though it is a blessing to be so very strong, it can also remind the spiritual woman that she may find it difficult to find a partner as far along as she has come. Any partner who has not done the work to heal him/herself could cause an unbalanced relationship.

Committing herself to spiritual warriorship allows the spiritual woman to unmask herself and live in authenticity. Thus is can be arduous to find a partner as authentic as she. She soon sees the truth behind all illusion; the same illusion that most live, lifelong as their reality. Finding commonality is difficult.

The spiritual woman boldly faces her challenges. Though it can often seem easier to have a partner to lean on, sometimes this is not her path. This can be due to a soul contract she has with herself. To live a life of solitude for a length of time or a lifetime in order to learn the lessons so that she will grow and heal in a specific way.  And this makes her a warrior. Instead of focusing on what she may not have in her life, it is important that she focus on building her inner strength and fortitude. This fortitude has purpose. Not only for the spiritual woman but for those she comes into contact with. She is a role model. She is the one who shares wisdom and truth with anyone who will listen. She is the one who lives out the quiet solitude necessary to fully understand her soul and its purpose. And once she becomes the wisdom she studies, she is able to change the world.

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