Today we are blessed with both a full moon in Aquarius in the sun sign of Leo as well as a partial lunar eclipse. Eclipses are a time of magic and mystery as the planetary alignment reflects the illumination of both our bright sides and our shadow sides all at once. Eclipses are a time when we gain the opportunity to consciously see all sides of ourselves. This is a time when we can feel and take note of the energies of both light and dark quite clearly. As such, we can ask ourselves: how can we evolve to our highest potential?

The balance between our Leo sun’s flamboyant, outgoing nature and the stoic Aquarian moon can have us taking one step forward and two steps back all day long. This tandem influence may have us doubting our actions right after we take them. Let us remember that we are strong warriors who can trust ourselves to act confidently in any situation that presents itself. Though this partial eclipse is invisible from North America, we will feel its energetic effects from 10:50 am central time until 3:50 pm. This five hour period will find us in deep reflection.

These 48 hours are an excellent time to allow the sun to illuminate our shadow sides; brought out by the strong lunar eclipse influence. This illumination allows us the circumstance to shake ourselves free of our unhealthy belief systems and karmic patterning. Because the moon is waxing full in Aquarius (the water-bearer), we can be sure that any emotions that we have been holding on to for the last six months or longer are sure to come to the surface in order to be released. It is our choice whether we wish to utilize this exit point to our advantage or choose to retain these emotions that no longer serve our highest good. Though releasing stale emotions can be an uphill battle, it is important as spiritual warriors to commit to our paths. It is important o walk them in faith that any challenge we face and succeed is sure to be a source of empowerment, strength and conviction.

The nature of this moon may have us reflecting on our childhood; how it shaped us and how we live and love currently. How have we learned to treat others? How have we let ourselves be treated by others? And perhaps most importantly; how have we learned to treat ourselves? The answers to these questions have the potential to cause slight discomfort. However, let it be known that the more conscious we become of our thoughts and feelings, the greater the likelihood we have to heal them. In turn, the more emotional freedom we will incur.

Because of the confident Leo sun, this full moon can have us boldly preparing to release any old structures that prevented us from living out our dreams. The Aquarius moon will bring to the surface the old patterns and beliefs for the Leo sun to free. Our Leo sun is still engaged with Mars, bringing about a strong desire for self-expression and authenticity. This creates a perfect atmosphere to turn within, take a moment to realign with your deepest desires and make them happen! Remember that when you reawaken your authenticity, you attract experiences and people who are in best suited to help you live and love to your highest potential!

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