The full moon in Taurus shines brightly in the early morning hours of November 4th, 2017 as the first of three consecutive Supermoons in Nov, Dec and January 2018. The Supermoon is when the moon is in its closest proximity to our planet Earth. This full moon is no less powerful than any other!

The Taurean influence of the full moon will encourage us to root ourselves into the earth both literally and metaphorically. Taurus, one of three Earth signs, will bring about our need to ground. Whether this need takes shape in physically being close or within nature or whether it takes shape through the desire to ground through meditation or even hard physical labour, we will take comfort in grounding activity. Additionally, because of its grounding properties, the Taurus full moon will have us acutely focused on the here and now. This allows for stability in planning for the future. The light of this full moon is an ideal time to meditate and journal about that which we wish to live out and experience in the future, as its grounding energy will be the perfect combination between wish and practicality.

In other astrological alignments today we find Venus and Uranus in opposition. This alignment has the makings of a sudden and uncomfortable breaking point. Because Venus rules beauty, femininity and comfort and Uranus is the “shaker” planet, known to shake things up, we may expect a brief period today or tomorrow where we are unwillingly shaken from our comfort zone in search of new foundation. Thankfully, the grounded Taurus moon will be there for us with new solid ground.

Because the sun is in the sign of Scorpio, we may still feel the chill of the icy waters it holds. The Scorpion nature is to find the secrets that the darkness maintains. Scorpios are highly detail oriented and can often be meticulous in their work and thought. The conjunction of the Scorpio sun and Taurus moon may call to action our seeking of balance between getting lost in the minutia and understanding how to remain surefooted in the name of progress.

Because the sun and moon both harmonize with Neptune, there is an air of overindulgence. Take heed not to eat or drink too much as we may regret it in the morning!


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