All living beings have souls. Souls travel in families and often incarnate together. Your soul family may or may not be your human family in this life. Whether or not they are, you will likely come across a few members of your soul family in this lifetime. They may turn up (other than immediate family) as significant others, inseparable life- long best friends or even people you meet with whom you are always fighting and keep reappearing in your life despite your best efforts to let them go. Soul contract relationships include relationships that have a karmic unresolved issue. The soul contract relationships may or may not be with your soul family, but they are definitely with people who have re-entered your life from a past life to work out unresolved issues.

Soul contracts originate before two souls incarnate. There is a predetermined agreement upon incarnation that these two souls meet on Earth and come together for however long a period is necessary to work out their karmic issue. If this issue is not resolved in this particular life, the soul contract carries over into as many following incarnations as necessary until the issue is resolved.

Animals and humans also have karmic ties but most often the animal appears in the person’s life to “take care” of her or his person. Animals have their own karma but are very much intent on healing people and teaching them how to love unconditionally. There are various types of soul contracts such as those with self, those with parents, children or other blood relatives or co-workers. However, despite the many types of soul contracts, romantic relationship soul contracts are perhaps the most trying to work through. 

Here are 7 signs that you are currently in a soul-contract (unresolved issues from a past life):

1)      The very first time you met this person they seemed very familiar but you couldn’t place the how or where of the situation.

2)      You feel extra sensitive around the person, often offended for little reason, resulting in a feeling of emotional pain, a feeling of “punched in the gut” whenever they leave the room/conversation.

3)      You have intense dreams about the person, often awaking to a feeling of fear, panic or loss.

4)      You continue to break up and get back together many times throughout your life, drawn to the person unexplainably.

5)      Even though you just met the person, you feel like you’ve know her or him your whole life.

6)      Any kind of abuse from or toward that person

7)      Obsessing about or being obsessed over by the person

These are a few of many common signs of a soul contract. If you are in a soul contract, it’s important to recognize it in order to resolve it. You may not be ready to leave the relationship as you may still be learning your lessons from it. It is highly beneficial, if you find yourself in this situation, to seek spiritual guidance in the form of learning a healing modality. Healing yourself is by far the most effective way to progress from these situations.  Any delays in attempting to resolve the karma will only facilitate further suffering. The old addage “if not now, when?” comes fully ito play in this context. It is important to acknowledge when you are ready to heal from it. Once you acknowledge that its time to heal, there is no going back. Working through as soul contract (karma contract) can be intense and gruelling. But once the contract has been resolved on your end, you will never have to face it again. 

To schedule your soul (karma) contract reading, email: jmorgan.soulstice@gmail.com

Blessed be!




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