Today the moon waxes full in the sign of Gemini. This particular full moon is considered a supermoon which means that it is closer in physical proximity to the Earth than most other full moons in the lunar year. Energetically speaking, this also means that this moon can be felt much more strongly than most of the other full moons in the lunar year.

Gemini is primarily known for its dualistic properties. Gemini is known for its twin themed energies. This means that we have a strong potentiality to rebalance those aspects of our lives that are off kilter. That mentioned, there is also the potential for personal mental and emotional confusion. This is because of the dualistic nature of the Gemini. Because Gemini’s are considered to have two sides, there is the possibility that the two sides can agree and accomplish much. There is also the possibility that they can disagree and have us struggling internally to find resolution to what ails us. It is up to us to submit to the inner conflict or to rise above!

Now, here’s where it gets confusing. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury which has, as of today, gone retrograde. We have all heard the horrors of Mercury retrograde. (For more information on Mercury Retrograde see: https://soulsticespirit.com/2017/04/09/mercury-retrograde-what-does-it-mean/)This one is no different. In fact, it may be slightly more noticeable because our moon is in Gemini which is affiliated with Mercury. Both Gemini and Mercury represent effective communication. Where this can take issue is in our desire to talk things out; to work through our inner and outer struggles. Because Mercury has gone retrograde, we may find that we desire to heal ourselves and our relationships through communication. However, because Mercury is in retrograde, we may find our efforts to be challenging at best. Do not be alarmed, this too shall pass.

For those Mercury retrograde naysayers, fear not. We are also experiencing Mercury conjunct Saturn. This means that Mercury and Saturn are working together to guide us through the usually “sticky” feeling of retrograde. Because Saturn is the planet responsible for structure and function, we may anchor our energies to it to make our way safely to the opposite shore of this full moon.

Gemini people have a tendency to be emotionally detached from situations and circumstances. This may bode well for the start of this retrograde as we may be able to detach from any aggravation it brings. Nevertheless, Gemini energy can be very surreal and imaginative- to our detriment. We may find that we have a slightly delusional view of our present circumstances. To boot, our Gemini moon is opposed to our Sagittarius sun which also has quite a surrealistic energy. We could easily be swept away by wishful thinking and dreaming! But if we do, we must remember to climb back down to the ground. Seeking to proceed from such an ungrounded state can be dangerous. Tackling personal and professional projects from such an ungrounded state will have us redoubling our efforts in the long run. It is always best to undertake all responsibility with a strong foundation; rooted to the Earth. This sun/moon combination is high time to stay focused.

On the plus side, this full moon is an excellent time to throw a party! As a result of the underlying theme of communication and surreal imagination, any social engagements are sure to be a success. So, instead of taking all of the lunar energy so seriously, it’s the perfect time to dance the night away!

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