At any given point, to any given person, life can get overwhelming. Whether we are spiritual or not, life has its way of throwing curve balls, piling up responsibility and overloading our email inboxes. Undoubtedly, it can make us feel like we want to walk out the door and never look back!

When we become overwhelmed, there are healthy ways to adjust our trains of thought so that we don’t cause undue stress upon ourselves. Becoming overwhelmed is a part of the human experience. There can be ways to change what we attract. However, when we are working alongside others who can get to be too much, it may help to understand that we cannot change the actions of others, but we CAN change our reactions. Remember that we are only responsible for ourselves and that everything we put “out there” has a direct effect on the types of situations and people we attract.

When we encounter the feeling of being overwhelmed by work, family or any other external influence, it can be of utmost importance to ground and centre. This is a technique commonly used by healers and spiritual people to bring ourselves back to balance. There are a great number of ways to ground and center; perhaps the most effective one is to go outdoors and connect with Mother Earth. Connection with Mother Earth can be accomplished by anything from literally hugging a tree to taking off your shoes and Earthing– putting your bare feet on the grass/sand/mud. We have very sensitive root chakras on our feet that allow us to be healed and grounded by Mother Earth simply by connecting the two. If we are unable to physically go outside, it may hep to bring Mother Earth in. This can be accomplished by placing plants and other natural energies around our homes and places of work and taking a moment to connect with them each day. By grounding our energy with Mother Earth, we will notice a sensation of “coming back to balance”.  This is because Earth energy heals.

We will also want to be aware that we will only be faced with what we can handle. This means that no matter what challenges we may be faced with, we can meet them knowing that they have only come our way because we have the power to overcome. If we look deep within ourselves, we will find the strength to do so. This does not mean that they will all be easy, nor should they be.  If we were not challenged, we would not ever learn anything!

When we are challenged with the feeling of being overwhelmed it can be difficult to remember that we are not alone, and that we need not bear the entire burden of our situation. It may help to realize that Spirit is always with us, and can be called on at any time to ease the weight of our burdens, to listen and most of all to help us to heal. Many of us forget that Spirit (angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, The Creator) can only help us if we ask outright. If we forget to ask, they are unable to help us, as they are unable to violate our free will. This means that they will not assume that we need their help as it is our choice whether or not to employ it. This is why our asking for their help is necessary. We can ask with our voices, ask with our pens and papers or ask telepathically. They can respond to all. However, by writing down our prayers, Spirit will know the details of how they can best help us.

It can also help, when confronted with a seeming mountain of obstacles, to look at the bigger picture. It can help us to see that this too shall pass, nothing is permanent and that we will get through it. Once we understand the ever-changing nature of space and time, we can rise above, knowing that soon this will all be a distant memory. By looking at the bigger picture, most challenging events can seem lesser significant. By looking at the bigger picture, we can shift our perspective to something greater on the horizon.

When we focus on events on the horizon, we can begin to shift our awareness to events and situations that we are grateful for, however small. We can begin to consider how grateful we are for those who love us, our animal friends and even that we live in a free country with running water. When we shift our focus to that for which we are grateful, we will feel our bodies begin to feel lighter and more relaxed. This is because our bodies will react instantly to our thoughts and feelings. When our bodies become lighter, we become healthier. By sitting in gratitude, even at times when it feels like hope is gone, we are in fact attracting lighter, more positive experiences into our near futures. This is where the concept of “mind over matter” comes into play. By training our brain, we can alter the course of our external lives as well as the health of our bodies and minds. By affecting these practices, we are also allowing ourselves a coping mechanism for future stressful situations that may be thrown at us. When we understand our body’s reaction to stress, we can understand how to alter it.

We may even go so far as to use affirmations with ourselves. Affirmations are key words and phrases that we tell ourselves to motivate ourselves and to rewire our synapses into a healthier state. Affirmations can be said aloud, in our minds and even to ourselves in the mirror. They can be chosen based on whatever words that you find to be helpful for yourself; each individual has her own phrases that will work uniquely to her. Common affirmations are positive in nature such as “I am strong” “I am healthy” “I am whole”, etc. In fact it is also true that if we tell ourselves anything repeatedly several times throughout the day, we will begin to believe it. Why not tell ourselves that we are loved, healthy, financially secure and beautiful inside and out? We might be amazed at how quickly we become these things if we stick to it honestly. Try it!

Becoming overwhelmed can be exhausting, but only if we let it. By employing these suggestions, we are sure to succeed in the face of any challenge!

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