There are a growing number of sensitive people in the world. We are becoming greater in numbers and deeper in sensitivity. As the vibration of our Mother Earth shifts so do we. We are becoming more sensitive to the desperation that humanity emits both on a global and interpersonal scale. Whether we are conscious of it or not, every person, animal and animate being is receptive to energy from the grandest scale of the world to the minute. It affects us subtly. It affects our ability to cope with what we see, read and hear. Due to the fear it invokes, it can also affect our ability to connect with others on a genuine level.

Many humans are living in a fear-based consciousness. This can lead to a lack of seeking truth from within and looking outside of our consciousnesses for external validation. When we neglect to seek our truths from within, we are creating an injustice for ourselves. We are also potentially creating a massive imbalance within. When we seek validation externally, we are relying on others to make us feel a certain way. This can be harmful for many, many reasons. One such reason is called energy matching.

Almost all of us who are sensitive to energy are likely constantly energy matching. In almost all of these scenarios, we are easily drained and exhausted by the end of it. Given that every person is composed of and emits a unique energy or vibration, we can ascertain that our energies are no different. Every person’s energy (vibration) is its own unique frequency. When we engage in conversation with another person; be it face to face, telephone or electronically, our inclination is to connect with their energy. Especially for those of us who are healers, teachers and nurturers, we will often do our best to empathize with those whom we converse.

Whereas this is a truly noble concept, we must be careful when we attempt to empathize. True, kindness and compassion are virtues. However kindness and compassion for self is of primary import. All of this is to say that when we set out to heal, to nurture, to empathize with those we know and those we love, we must recognize the human desire to relate to others by conversing with them at their vibration. Too often their vibration is lesser healthy than ours. It is our nature to relate to them on their level, thereby lowering our vibration instead of attempting to bring theirs up to ours. In doing so, we forsake our own inner balance for the sole purpose of relating to them. Needless to say, by forsaking our inner balance we run the risk of utter depletion.

When, for example, we are in conversation with another who is more easily excitable than we, surely we notice that our energy becomes more excited. When we converse with one who is defensive toward us, we may find that we react defensively even if defensiveness is not our natural state. We may find that as peaceful souls, when we converse with one who is depressed or angry, that we become drained by attempts to feed into their low vibration behaviour by “talking them through”. Of course, this is not to say that those who are having these lower vibration experiences are bad or wrong. It would be impossible to suggest that every human whom we know should live a life full of only positive experiences. What it does say, however, is that when we engage in conversation and activity with those in the above vibrations, the reason we feel drained and exhausted afterward is because while we are with them, we are unconsciously energy matching them.

Energy matching is the term used to explain when an empath engages in activity with another person at a different vibration. Particularly for healers, when we take on clients and friends who are undergoing healing crises we will find that in order to share our wisdom that we will want to empathize with their experiences. Even when our friends and family are working through life’s challenges, we will find that our initial inclination is to help them by tapping into their energies to feel what they are going through. We will often put ourselves in their shoes to do so. After all, it has become our second nature. And as far as we have experienced, this type of empathy allows us to share our wisdom for their individual situation. The danger here is that when we lower our vibrations to meet theirs, we abandon ourselves in the process. Further, any wisdom we attempt to share from a state of self-abandonment would be unsound. In the period of time following the interaction, we will find ourselves completely unbalanced. Often, it can take hours or days to reacquaint with our natural vibrations.

As empaths, it is crucial that we learn to protect our often fragile vibrations. It is impractical to suggest that we do not ever engage in communication with those on lower vibrations. In fact in today’s society it is almost impossible. Whereas many of us at times wish we could just go live alone, away from all humans, we must remember that we are here on Earth to make peace with the human experience. This requires us to make peace with other humans, despite how they may make us feel in certain situations.

There are several effective techniques we can practice so as to avoid feeling drained after communicating with those on lower vibrations. The first is to ensure that we are grounded and centred throughout any communication. By energetically anchoring ourselves, we will have an easier time staying rooted to the Earth in the throes of any attempt to energy match. We will find, too, that by remaining grounded throughout the conversation, that the person with whom we are communicating will be more inclined to meet us at our vibration as opposed to our meeting them at theirs. Grounding is an integral part of maintaining inner balance at all times.

Second, it is important to remind ourselves that we are prone to energy matching. Though it may sound too simple, this practice can help us to avoid being swept away in other people’s energies. When we are conversing with one who is at a lower vibration, or at an erratic or irrational vibration, we can take note of when we begin to feel like we are shifting away from our anchored state. When we feel this shift, we can consciously take a “step back” and reground. This process may include breathing exercises, positive self-talk or meditation.

Lastly, it is of key magnitude that we always ask our angels for protection. Whether we intimately know the person with whom we are speaking or whether the person is newer in our lives, asking for protection of our energies from our angels can mean the difference between extreme depletion and inner peace. Remember that our angels are unable to assist us with anything until we invoke their help. Our angels live by the same law of karma that states that we are not entitled to violate another’s free will. This means that even though our angels may see us struggling, they are not entitled to intervene unless we ask for their help. It is their “job” to help us, and they want us to know that they are here to help at any time. All we have to do is ask. And in this case, for the sake of our health, it is imperative that we do ask for protection every single day.

Energy matching is a part of the human experience. The more sensitive we are, the more likely we are to be affected by it. The more energy work we do with others, the more prone we become to depletion and exhaustion. And though our goal is often to assist others on their self-healing path, their wellness is ultimately not our responsibility. To detach from their challenges at the end of the session or talk is always a must. When we become too connected to their challenges, we take on their karma. When we remain in their vibration, we begin to attract lower-vibration experiences. We must always remember to let go of that which does not serve our highest and greatest good. By engaging in releasing their energy, remaining grounded in our approach and grateful for our on vibrations, we are sure to avoid the side effects of energy matching.

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