Aside from their beautiful appearances, crystals all have healing properties that resonate with us on our subtle levels.  The practice of crystal healing has been used as far back as the early days of Shamanism which dates back to nearly the dawn of the modern human.

Having been mined directly from the Earth, crystals are extremely powerful balancers of energy, as they embody the energies of Mother Earth that most of us have strayed from in our daily lives. Crystals can help to initiate calmness, meditative guidance, and grounding. They can help to manifest abundance, aid in lessening physical pain, and create a significantly stronger connection with the Divine Source energy.

As a crystal healer of animals, people, and nature, I have spent much time creating crystal healing grids, Reiki grids, and experimenting with different types of crystals in healing sessions for both animals and people. Of all of my sessions, and much research, I have compiled a list of my top 5 picks for crystals that every spiritual person should have in her or his home:

1)      ROSE QUARTZ: This pink stone is the most gentle of the stones. Its properties include: facilitation of self-love when love of self is lost, a gentle soft healing vibration for anyone who wishes to unwind after a long day, and is especially pertinent in any crystal healing sessions with animals. Animals truly love the Rose Quartz for its calm, gentle nature. This stone is best placed by your bedside, your animal’s bed and/or any meditation/yoga room. Rose Quartz resonates with the Heart Chakra.

2)      AMETHYST:  Resonating with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, this stone is a stone of psychic protection. By carrying an amethyst or keeping them around your home, you will be warding off negative energies and psychic attacks. This stone is excellent for meditative practice, and can have a calming effect after a stressful day. Using amethyst in combination with Lapis Lazuli will help your animals feel comfortable travelling through alternate planes of consciousness which is where they often love to go when they appear to be asleep. Amethyst goes well in a healing room such as a Reiki room or yoga room.

3)      CITRINE: Citrine is a wonderful stone for a few reasons; it is most commonly known to help manifest abundance in one’s life. To initiate this, you can place it in your office, on a business card, or in any place that has “abundance” type energy. Citrine is also beneficial to those who have digestive issues or a lack of willpower. As it resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra, it facilitates healing with the chakra’s resonant energies.

4)      BLACK TOURMALINE: This stone has many beneficial qualities. Black Tourmaline, if worn as jewelry, carried in pocket, or left in any room of an office or house, can attract any negative or dark energies, suck them in and make them obsolete. The stone acts as a sort of black hole that does away with any energies that can be harmful to you and your environment. It is especially beneficial for those who face many people in one day or those who have many people visiting their homes. It is also beneficial for those who work on computer at home or n the office as it reduces electromagnetic energy from its surrounding area.

5)      CLEAR QUARTZ: Clear quartz is by far the most versatile crystal available. It is the primary conductor of energy in a crystal healing session, a crystal grid or Reiki grid. Clear quartz can be programmed by the user to suit the needs of the particular circumstance. For example, if a healer wishes to gift a quartz crystal to a sister who is feeling down, the healer is able to program the clear quartz to heal her sister with loving energy, When the healer’s sister receives the crystal, she is gifted with waves of love that have been stored in the crystal. Clear quartz is also wonderful for animals as it can be charged to treat each individual issue to of the animal such as separation anxiety, fear, aggression, digestive upsets, etc.  Clear quartz, in combination with other specific crystals, can form a crystal healing grid that exponentially increases the healing power of all crystals involved, as the quartz is a conductor and magnifier of energy.

Any veteran crystal collector knows the value of placing crystals around the home.  Whether you’re  a veteran or new to crystal healing, these top 5 choices will increase the positivity of your home!


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