2018 starts with an astrological bang! January 1st, 2018 marks the full moon in Cancer. This full moon is considered to be a “Supermoon” which means that it will appear larger than most moons in the night sky. This is because its proximity to our planet Earth is closer than most moons.

Since Cancer is ruled by the moon, this full moon promises to be charged with emotion. Cancer is a water sign which represents deep emotions, intuition and long lost memories. A feminine sign, Cancer nurtures those around her. The high tides of the moon in Cancer bring waves of sentimentality and nostalgia.

Empaths beware- because those around us will surely fall prey to the emotional peaks and troughs of this watery full moon, we will want to take extra caution. When we suddenly feel overcome with emotion inexplicably, we must always ask ourselves: are these feelings ours? We must be sure to take extra measures to protect ourselves at this time. We must make the time to ground and centre periodically throughout. We may even opt for short intervals of “time out” to rebalance if necessary.

Because of its opposition to gentle, feminine Venus, this planetary alignment has us contemplating the nature of how we express love in our partnerships. Recognizing these differences could allow us to rise above them and work together with our partners for a greater, stronger compassionate love. Though there is this potential, there is also the other side of this opposition which is that we will feel a stronger need for love and affection. It I important that we recognize this so that we do not lower ourselves to have these temporary needs met. Further, placing expectations on any relationship could lead to disappointment. It is important to acknowledge that we may be feeling extra sensitive with the moon in Cancer. This in tandem with Venus’ need to have us feel loved and cared for could have us in an emotional tailspin. While we may be feeling these temporary feelings, we may remind ourselves that this too shall pass.

When we examine the placement of the sun and moon during any given full moon, we are inclined to pay attention to the opposing energy of each. In this particular scenario, we are working with the moon in the watery, nurturing, feminine sign of Cancer versus the sun in grounded, authoritarian, masculine Capricorn. Capricorn is the hard working Earth sign, in need of structure and function. Cancer is the maternal caregiver, always healing. Though both Cancer and Capricorn heavily emphasize home and family life, there is a strong opposing energy between nurture versus nature. Our aim throughout this astrological phase is to find the balance between.

The placements of Neptune in Pisces and Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio have our intuition at an all time high. This alignment is sure to have us open ourselves up to the magic and wonder of the universe. The connectedness between all that is will become quite apparent to most, if even just for a short time. Let this be an inspiration to all of us to realize that every action, thought, feeling and belief we have as individuals affects all conscious beings. To streamline our consciousness to love, feel compassion for and empathize with all beings is to recognize that we are all one.

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