Wednesday January 31 marks an especially rare celestial event! This triple-threat lunar experience is one we will all be sure to watch. In addition to the blue full super moon in Leo in the sun sign of Aquarius, we will bear witness to a total lunar eclipse. Experts are calling this one a ‘super blue blood moon’. While this may all sound and read like a tongue twister on its own, there are innumerable energies coming at us from every which way. Earth has not seen a super blue blood moon in 150 years. The next of its kin will not be seen until January, 2037.

This further west you go, the more the visual spectacle in the night sky. Eastern North Americans will see a partial view of this awes inspiring lunar event beginning at 6:15 (EDT) am. Those in the east will not witness the “blood” aspect of this eclipse. The western states and provinces will have a fuller view of the event which begins at 4:15 am (PST) with its crux at 5:30 am Pacific time. The western states and provinces will see a full eclipse; blood moon and all.

Breaking down the very long name of this celestial event, let us first examine the term “supermoon”. The supermoon is coined such due to its closer proximity to our Earth than most other moons. Therefore the supermoon appears larger on the horizon and in the night sky than do other full moons. Because of its closer proximity to our Earth, its energetic influence is stronger.

The term “blood moon” refers to a total lunar eclipse. During a complete lunar eclipse the moon appears to be reddish in colour. North America has not seen a blood moon since 2014.

Next, the name “blue moon” is given to the second full moon within the same month. In this case we had a full moon on Jan 1st, 2018 followed by the second – the blue moon- on Jan 31.

If all these details were not confusing enough, let us now add in the specifics of the celestial body energies and their influence on those who are sensitive:

The energies of this full moon are connected to the energies of the eclipses in February and Aug of 2017. If we can recall the lessons and trials we were facing at that time, this full moon has the potential to create a greater ripple in those waters. On the other hand, the energy of this moon has the potential to bring closure and peace to what we had been working through in 2017. As we reflect on these lessons we may ask ourselves- what have we learned from these relationships, circumstances and personal paths of growth? Though in our hearts it may be sad to begin to move on in absence of some of these relationships and circumstances, we know deep down closure is necessary.  It is time to move forward, releasing the past to create a new dawn. Often, it can be hard to let go- but ultimately once we do we will leave these relationships and situations feeling stronger, more empowered and more complete.

Examining now the placement of both sun and moon for the duration of this lunar eclipse we may also find powerful energy cast our way. The moon’s placement in Leo is an empowering one. Leo energy is dominant, masculine and authoritative. While this may help us to become confident in our endeavours be they personal or professional, this Leo moon may have us headstrong and neglecting to maintain balance. Because Leo is such a domineering energy, we must take caution to pay attention to our physical bodies. Many of us may feel a surge in energy. Take care to avoid burnout or even accidental physical harm.  Leo can be quite spontaneous. To utilize this Leo energy wisely, take the time to create a list of intentions and begin to build your hopes and dreams. Leo is very task oriented and has the drive to do the work to see his dreams come true.

In contrast to the commanding nature of the Leo moon, we will see our sun in the mild-tempered sig of Aquarius. Aquarian energy is quite removed from her emotion. This will provide a balance to the reactive Leo nature. Aquarian energy remains detached from circumstances external to her physical body. By inviting the Aquarian energy into ourselves we will be allowing ourselves the opportunity to think before we act. This pause before action can be helpful during the spontaneous headstrong Leo lunar influence. On the other end of the spectrum, Aquarians have a tendency to become too reflective and mentally charged. Because they are removed from their emotions, their minds may have a tendency to work in overdrive. This is where the impulsive nature of the Leo moon may bring balance and grounding to the Aquarian sun.

As with all full moons, the moon represents our emotions and the sun represents vital energy. During a full moon the sun and the moon reside opposite each other. There is an opportunity to find balance between emotions (water) and vitality within the physical body (fire). The full moon is the end of the waxing lunar cycle. It is at this time that we may experience a conclusion to seeds we sewed during the new moon prior. The duration between the new and full moon is the time during which our intentions grow and flourish.

As with all lunar eclipses, we may find that this one brings a turning point in our lives. Eclipses often display where our lives are off balance and what is beginning to no longer serve our highest good. The lunar eclipse brings to light our subconscious needs. As the moon represents our subconscious and the sun the illuminator, during a lunar eclipse the sun will illuminate our deepest seated desires and needs. Some may be emotional and some may be spiritual in nature. The lunar eclipse will bring to the surface our correlation to our spiritual life’s purpose. Are we in alignment with it? If we are not, this lunar eclipse will exhibit any spiritual imbalances.

It is likely that we may feel emotionally unbalanced. It is likely that old feelings and thoughts will be brought back to the surface. Some of these thoughts and feelings will be those which we believed that we already healed. Yet here they are again, needing attention. This time, however they are being brought to the surface so that they can be released one final time.

Notwithstanding, this celestial event is a very powerful one. Here is an opportunity for us (especially women) to find our inner voice. It is a time for us to learn to speak our truths. It is a time for us to gain personal empowerment as well as empower those who cannot speak for themselves. For those of us who do have a voice, may we speak for ourselves and on behalf of those who cannot with wisdom and kindness toward all beings. May we raise the vibration of the collective consciousness and send love to those who need it before all others- those who have lost their divine spark. May we remember that the perpetrators of harm are those who need our love and compassion the most.




    1. You’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed it :)That’s a great question! I plan to go sit on the land here in my happy place and give gratitude to Spirit for the blessings I have and to prepare to let go of that which no longer serves my highest good. Following that I will go to a drum circle and dance to release. I find that dancing is a beautiful way to shake off old energy and welcome in the new!


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