In part one of this article, we discussed what a soul contract is. This article will outline steps to free yourself from your karma contracts so that you are able to live a more enlightened, harmonious life.

The truth is, there is no overnight process that will free you from your contract. These types of relationships can take a lot of hard work, self examination and fortitude. However, if this type of situation has come upon you, it is only because Spirit knows that you have the wherewithal to overcome it. Though it seems like a tall mountain to climb, you were born equipped to combat and win, as the Universe only gives us what we can handle.
When in the depths of a soul contract, it can seem like we are constantly fighting an uphill battle. We are so drawn into these depths that it can be difficult to see outside of them. The depths are so intense that we seemingly become them. The first thing we want to understand is that when we are in the throes of the rollercoaster, we are never alone. When it seems like nobody will understand what we are going through, we can remind ourselves that help from the spirit world is always available to us when we need it. All we need do is ask.

Our angels and spirit guides are unable to assist us unless we ask. This is because there are contractually bound to The Creator to steer clear of interfering in our karma. What does this mean? If they see us struggling, as much as they want to help, they have taken a sort of “oath” to The Creator in that they must leave us to work it out unless we ask them for help. Just as we are ethically unable to interfere with the karma of other humans, so are our angels and guides not to take it upon themselves to interfere with ours.
To ask for help from our angels and guides, the simplest method is to write a letter to our angels for help with this matter. By addressing a letter to “angels of mine” or “archangels Michael and Raphael” or to whichever angels you are most comfortable, you will be inviting them to assist in your healing. Upon invitation through letter, the body of the letter should begin with a heartfelt gratitude for their help followed by a prayer for help with whichever situation you are in. Lastly, you can add a second mention of thanks to your angels (they respond very well to the “gratitude” vibration) and then your signature. By utilizing this method of prayer, your angels will be clear on what and how you would like help.


1) Accepting responsibility for your part in the contract- To blame others for your soul contract is only hurting your progress. This contract is not only about how the other person has hurt you but also about your part in the relationship. Have you done anything to hurt this person? Have you delved into any previous lives where the roles may have been reversed? The nature of karma indicates that “what goes around comes around”. Thus, it is very possible that what you know that this person has done to hurt you, you may have done the very same thing or something similar in a previous life to attract the situation that bears healing. This is, however not always the case. Either way it is important to understand the role that you played in this contract ad accept responsibility for it.

2) Forgiving yourself for your part in the contract- Perhaps one of the hardest challenges in life is to learn to forgive yourself for any perceived wrongdoing. As challenging as it may be, self-forgiveness is an integral part of the healing process from a soul contract. And this challenging feat will likely take some time to work through, which is why it is vital that you are patient with yourself, and speak to yourself only in loving and positive ways. To ease the burdens of acceptance and forgiveness, studying the methods of energy work can go a tremendously long way. If you are unable to learn for yourself, finding a balanced energy work practitioner such as a Reiki Master to work with you can help you take leaps and bounds in healing.

3) Letting go- Letting go, once you are truly ready, is actually quite easy. Once you have done the work in acceptance and forgiveness, letting go will happen when you are truly ready. To aid in the finality of letting go of the deep seated emotions associated with the other members of the karma contract, you will want to find a professional healer who is well versed in the practice of cord-cutting. Most healers who have been practicing for at least a few years will be able to do this with you.

Remembering that we are only responsible for healing our part in the contract and nobody else’s is key. Once we remove our attachment to the outcome of the situation as well as our attachment to the other person/people involved, we can begin to focus on our own healing irrespective of them. We will work and work to climb the mountain until one bright day, we will wake up and be completely free, in our highest and greatest good.
SOULSTICE SPIRIT is currently creating a short series of workshops about karma contracts and other pertinent healing tools associated with understanding your life’s purpose. To learn more, email: jmorgan.soulstice@gmail.com or visit https://wordpress.com/page/soulsticespirithealing.wordpress.com/19 .



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