New moons can be a great time of magic and mystery. Every new moon is a grand opportunity to begin again; to create any future your heart desires! New moons represent the beginning of a new cycle. They are the time to ponder and create. New moons are the ideal time to plant the seeds for your future self. By writing down our intentions on the new moon, we are blessed to be able to watch them bud, grow, flourish and then be harvested at just the right time for us. Writing down intentions is an important aspect of getting to know ourselves and how the universe conspires to help our dreams come true! (A more detailed explanation of how to write intentions in next week’s article)

This particular new moon has a significant theme of “rebirth” or “beginning again”. Not only will the new moon itself lend us the prospect of rebirthing and beginning again, but planet Mercury has been in retrograde for over three weeks. Mercury has chosen today, the day of this new moon, to resume forward motion. After weeks of feeling stuck in the past, this planet’s activity alone has the power to have us feeling rejuvenated, rested and ready to resume our own forward motion! This is the second aspect of today’s planetary alignment.

This new moon is in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign which will easily anchor us to the Earth as we create our intentions for the next lunar cycle. It is of great import to remain grounded during any spiritual activity so that we do not get ‘lost’. Remember we are here on Earth as much as we are spirit beings, so a healthy balance of both energies is the highest and best way to remain focused on our spiritual journeys. That said, this new moon in Taurus is an ideal occasion to master the art of physical manifestation.

As with all new moons, the sun and moon are in the same sign. Because Taurus is such a head strong sign (the sign of the bull), this is an excellent time to make headway on our hopes, dreams and intentions. However much headway we are able to make, we must remember to be patient with ourselves and the universe. We must remember that the universe has its own Divine timing that is just perfect for us.

The third aspect of our present opportunity to rebirth is in today’s alignment of Aries in Uranus. Aries is celebrated for its spontaneous, mad scientist kind of energy. Uranus is the planet of sudden, eruptive change. With Aries in Uranus we can expect sudden, unexpected changes. Whether these abrupt shifts have us feeling lost or elated we MUST remember that these experiences occur so that we are ready for the beautiful blessings to come! We must remember that in the wake of any chaos, we find the budding flowers of new and wonderful miracles on the horizon.

As a result of the amalgamation of these three aspects of rebirth, this day is idyllic for those who wish to relinquish the holds of addiction, drama or other unhealthy, binding characteristics of daily life to Spirit. This is the perfect day to turn over a new leaf and resolve to live a healthier, more peaceful life. Of course, many of these traits cannot be accomplished overnight. And this is where the power of intention returns. By choosing to create intentions for ourselves to live more healthfully, we can hold true to them and watch the magic unfold as the universe brings us what we need to succeed!

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