A life beyond your wildest dreams is within your grasp! To most, this seems unlikely, illogical or ridiculous. What if, for a moment, you could transcend “logic”? What if you could go outside of it to see that what you thought to be so concrete was really just something somebody once told you and you adopted it as your own belief? What if you realized that you were the sum and parts of your own limitations?

It stands to reason that most of what we believe is what was put into our heads by external sources such as parents, society and environment throughout the course of our lives. In essence, we are a product of other people’s thoughts and ideas. What if we took a moment to let go of all of this and got in touch with who WE are? Who we are, as individuals, may have gotten lost in the shuffle. Our individual gifts, our individual truths all may have fallen by the wayside in an effort to survive in this society in this day and age.

What if you knew that there is an endless resource that anyone can tap into at any time in order to create anything they desired (as long as it HARMS NONE)? By taking a moment to examine the nature of our lives and the fabric of consciousness, we can truly realize that we are all co-creators in The Creator’s master plan. By taking a moment to acknowledge that every single one of us is created with a beautifully Divine spark, we can begin to realize our ceaseless connection to the Divine Source consciousness. And it is because of this connection that we will soon after be able to witness how beloved each of us is to The Divine.

The Divine Source wishes for us to succeed. The Divine Source wishes for us to live abundant, prosperous lives full of joy and harmony. Believe it or not, all we must do in order to become in alignment with this life is to ask for it.

Here are four tried, tested and true steps to manifesting our heart’s desires. If we stay rooted in these steps, we will be absolutely amazed and how quickly the magic begins to transpire!


1)      COMMIT TO YOURSELF AND YOUR DREAM- by taking steps each day to reaffirm our commitment to our dream, we are reinforcing the belief that it will happen. The Creator and our angels respond only to the vibrations we put out. This is why we always want to remain positive and act with love, especially toward ourselves. We want to use positive talk to ourselves, assuring ourselves that “we CAN do it” and that “we ARE succeeding”, etc. Committing to our dream can come in many forms. Some use a vision board, some write letters to their angels, many meditate. Because we are connecting with our higher selves during these activities, these are all forms of commitment to becoming in alignment with our dreams. It helps to write down exactly what we wish for. Because we think so many thoughts in one day, it can be tough for Spirit to decipher which thoughts we wish to focus on. By writing down exactly what we wish for, Spirit will know exactly what we want. Be aware that Spirit has quite a sense of humour! If we neglect to use precisely the words to articulate what we wish for, we may end up laughing, for the phrase “be careful what you wish for” shall loom. It is a good practice to get into writing our intentions on the new moon. This way, as the moon grows, so do our intentions.


2)      WRITING YOUR INTENTIONS- As mentioned above, in the process of creating our dreams, we must indicate exactly for what we wish. Because we think so many hundreds of thoughts throughout the day, we will want to make it easier for Spirit, our angels and The Divine Source to bring us what we ask for. This is done by writing down specific intentions for what we wish. Within the framework of writing these intentions, there are three guidelines that allow is to protect ourselves from any miscommunication with Spirit. Here are the three P’s of proper manifestation of intentions:
a) POSITIVE WORDS- you will want to ensure that you use positive words only when creating your list of intentions. This is because Spirit best responds to high vibration. Any negative word will only incur negative results. One popular example is; instead of writing the phrase “I Don’t smoke”, you will want to write “I am smoke free”, or “I quit smoking”.
b) PRESENT TENSE- you will want to be sure and create your intentions as if they are happening NOW. If we create intentions such as “I will quit smoking”, your intention is perpetually going to happen in the future, and it will never be happening now. If you use the phrase “I quit smoking”, this action and behavior is occurring right now. Because essentially, all that exists is right now , you are intending for your smoking to stop right now.
c) PERSONAL– because of the laws of karma (which is a whole other article unto itself), you will want to ensure that you only create intentions for yourself. You may NOT create intentions for anyone else. This is because ethically, you are not permitted to obstruct anyone else’s karma. For example, if a loved one is ill and you create an intention for them to get well, you may be interfering in their karma if they have attracted the karma to be ill. While it is a selfless gesture to use your healing power to help others in this respect, what may happen when we involve ourselves in other people’s karma is that we may end up taking the heat off of them and having to take their karma on ourselves. It is best, when wishing to intend something for another, to ask your angels and the angels of the other person involved , to help them to heal in the highest and best way possible. That way, you are releasing your desire to help them to the Divine, who can take care of it as The Divine Source sees fit.


3)      DO THE WORK- anyone who is on a spiritual path is aware of the significance of “doing the work”. It is one thing to become certified as a healer, however without the extensive practice of self-examination, we are not going to get anywhere. By working on ourselves, which can at times be extremely gruelling, we are progressing along our paths. By battling ourselves; our ego and our karma, we are coming one step closer to understanding the why’s and how’s of our existence. We are growing one step closer to fully coming into our Divinity. By coming fully into our Divinity, becoming enlightened, we are able to tap into the endless pool of creativity, manifested by The Creator. (Hence the name!) With this knowledge, we are also faced with responsibility. At the point at which we have done the work, we become aware of, and in alignment with our responsibility to create in the highest and best good of all involved.



4)      HAVE PATIENCE AND FAITH- Perhaps one of the most difficult lessons that we must learn in order to manifest our dreams is the lesson of patience. We must understand the nature of instant gratification versus Divine timing. Just because we “want something now!” does not mean that we get to decide when we are ready to receive it, or if we are to receive it at all! If it does not serve our greater good, or it impedes the life of another, it may not come into our lives. However, if what we are asking for is being requested out of love for ourselves and others involved, it is sure to come to us when the time is right. Part of manifesting, often the most important part, is having faith. We must BELIEVE that our dreams are coming true, and have faith that everything is happening as it should- even if we have yet to see any results. Divine timing is such that there is a multitude of occurrences going on behind the scenes that we do not see. There are a myriad of twists and turns that are taking place out of our line of vision in order for the details of our dreams to work out perfectly- when the time is right. Staying true to your faith in Spirit- AND yourself- is a sure fire way to help secure your dreams!

By following these four steps, you will soon start to notice subtle changes. Though some of the process can seem to go ever so slowly, if you stay on track and have patience, you will be living the life you dreamed of before you know it!



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