Sunday April 29th marks this year’s full moon in Scorpio. As with each full moon, this one represents the culmination of one or more cycles in our lives.

Scorpio is a water sign. While it is said that its other counterparts of the water element in the zodiac (Cancer and Pisces) run warm, healing waters, Scorpio runs icy cold. Those born with scorpion energy tend to choose their words wisely, often choosing words that cut. Though its counterpart water signs tend to be connected to their emotions on a more obvious level, Scorpio will appear as though detached from her emotions; all the while allowing them to ruminate beneath her surface. At some point, these deep waters of emotion will erupt.

With the moon waxing full in the sign of Scorpio, we must accept that there are likely to be volcanic-like eruptions throughout this 48 hour period. This is to say that because the Scorpion energy runs so deeply and intensely, this 48 hour period leaves us subject to sudden and intense twists and turns. If we are not careful, the combination between the eruptive behavior of today’s energy and the full moon will force us to violently shake off what no longer serves our highest good. And as always, we have a choice: Do we want to make these changes on our own terms? Or do we want to have these changes thrust upon us? Often, as many of us are well aware, the latter can be very uncomfortable and quite painful. Therefore, we must open ourselves up to receive the guidance that is there for us to help us to heal; To accept this guidance instead of to fight it.

Thankfully, if we find that we are getting thrown off balance, we can rely on the grounding, earthy power of the sun’s position in Taurus. Contrary to the tumultuous energy of Scorpio, Taurus allows is to keep rooted in the midst of all of the potential chaos. By aligning ourselves with the Taurean energy, we will be sure to realize that the chaos, too, shall pass.

To further increase the intensity of the Scorpio moon, we can note that it is in beneficial alignment with Neptune, the planet of imaginations and dreams. Therefore, this is an excellent time to release any perceived hold that any external circumstances have on us. This is an excellent time to empower ourselves with independence, to trust our intuitive abilities and to break free of any rules and beliefs that no longer serve our highest good. As a result of Neptune’s ethereal energies, we may feel a calling to ponder what we would like for ourselves in the future. What can we dream, create and take action toward? This alignment is an excellent time to allow the creative ideas flow freely. This free flow of ideas will take shape into solid intentions to write by the light of the next new moon.

“Beware the Scorpion sting”. Let us ensure that we are prepared for drama. This moon is not only known for its stinger but also as “the fighting moon”. We must become aware of these potential energies. This knowledge will empower us to ‘rise above’ if and when we are confronted with combative family, friends and coworkers. Let us remember to avoid taking the actions of others to heart at this time. This 48 hour period has the power to create big, dramatic scenes. Let us not fall prey to actions or reactions that we will wish we hadn’t partaken in at a later date. Let us take deep breaths and count to ten before reacting to any volatility. Let us remember that we are not responsible for the behaviour of others; but only our own behaviour. It is our reactions to these situations that matters most.

In addition to all of the potentially chaotic energy that surrounds this lunar event, we must be mindful that there are three planets in retrograde. Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are all retrograde which means that this 48 hour period may have us feeling drawn to be alone to contemplate which areas are out of balance in our lives. Saturn is the planet of structure and function, Jupiter is the planet of higher learning, wisdom and good fortune and Pluto the planet of sudden change and renewal. While forward moving, each of these planets promotes balance in each of their respective energies. However in retrograde, Saturn will have us disorganized while attempting to reorganize our lives. Jupiter retrograde can create a tendency to overindulge; be it with food, alcohol or other substance. Pluto’s retrograde can offer the opportunity for sudden eruption, in a highly disordered way. And the combination between Pluto’s retrograde and the Scorpio full moon will undoubtedly be a sobering one.

Despite all of this impending heavy energy, this full moon is a most excellent time to head outdoors and bask in the joy that the spring season brings. As we connect with our beloved Mother Earth, we will be reminded, time and time again, of the impermanence of all experiences negative. We will be reminded of the simple joy in caring for her as she cares for us. We will be reminded to live each moment as it happens, for each moment, as it happens, is all that truly exists.



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