On Saturday, August 11 at 4:59 am central time, we are blessed to experience yet another celestial event in this year’s series of eclipses. Though invisible in the early morning sky from central Canada and the US the eclipse’s effect can be felt throughout several days preceding and succeeding.

New moons are all about new beginnings. At it is believed in many spiritual practices, the start of each lunar cycle represents a new opportunity to begin again; to begin to plant the seeds for a new cycle of manifestation. This is to say that under the rule of each new moon, we may take the time to create a new list of intentions for ourselves. This list of intentions is a written list of aspects of life which, as positive, loving beings, we deserve.  As the moon waxes (grows bigger) from its new moon to full in the sky, as do our intentions. For more information on how to properly write your list of desired intentions, see: New moons are a beautiful time to meditate on our hearts desires, to plant the seeds of intention and to fully release our faith to the Divine.

With both the sun and moon in the fiery sign of Leo, we can examine just exactly how to let go of our intentions. Generally speaking, Leo’s are very alpha, take-charge personalities. We often tend to want to control and micromanage all aspects of our lives as we feel that we are the best people for the job. Leo’s are self-motivated, independent workers. This aspect of the Leo personality can make “releasing attachment to outcome” or “letting go” often challenging.  Because manifesting our life’s desires is a tandem covenant between us and The Divine Source Consciousness, we must release attachment to our intentions once they have been created. This way, we will are allowing The Divine Source Consciousness to do their part in helping us to create the life we desire; the life we deserve. We are unable to fulfill our lists of intentions without the Divine Source, just as the Divine Source is unable to create our intentions for us without our laying the ground work. There are always “behind the scenes” events that take place within the Divine to help to fulfill our desired intentions. In order to see our desires come to fruition, it is crucial that we relinquish control. Often, this lack of control can lead to a power struggle within us and with those around us. During this new moon, we may find ourselves struggling to find balance between having empowered self confidence and needing to have control over all aspects of our lives.

Given that the sun represents our conscious mind and the moon our subconscious, the eclipse of the two aspects has the potential to cause both joy and aggravation. Due to the self-motivated nature of Leo, this planetary alignment has the power to allow us to head full-force into any projects we are currently undertaking. This motivated energy allows us, if we are not already knee deep in a project, to fully focus on any aspect of our lives that we wish to improve or to altogether change. This planetary influence will allow us the confidence and courage to go about revolutionizing our lives and the way we view ourselves.

Finding the balance between confidence and control will be this new moon/solar eclipse challenge. In addition to the positivity of self-motivation that Leo incurs, he also personifies his hot-headed, impatient and sometimes irrational energy. Without proper outlet, these energies have the potential to quickly bubble and fester within us, easily bringing us to a boil. It is imperative that should we begin to feel influenced by this aspect of the Leo nature, that we find healthy outlets for these rapid and intense energies. Exercise, nature-gazing or even engaging in laughter are wonderful ways to temper the Leo fire.

Especially with Mercury still in retrograde, we may struggle with finding the balance between confidence and control. Mercury correlates to efficient communication. While in retrograde, it often brings a halt to many important communicative efforts. Our challenge during this particular retrograde with sun and moon in Leo is to practice the discipline of patience. It will benefit us to, though we will be inclined to proceed though our tasks speedily, take our time to ensure that all of the details of our communications are in order before we are through with them. Leo’s, being the ever-dominant fire sign, often lack the methodical approach necessary for effective task completion. This quality can have all those in a leadership or creative role doubling back to redo our work if we are not meticulous the first time, thanks to Mercury’s retrograde.

Particularly influenced by these solar eclipse energies are those with a sun or moon sign in Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. These are the three fire signs of the zodiac. These three signs will likely experience the highest level of physical energy and will want to find an adequate outlet. Should we, as fire signs choose to bask in the energy of the fire-cloaked sun and moon, we may find ourselves easily irritable and quick tempered. There is no need to fear, however as this mid-summer alignment will provide us with many enjoyable outdoor activities to enjoy!

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