“In the beginning of all things, wisdom and knowledge were with the animals, for Tirawa, the One Above, did not speak directly to man. He sent certain animals to tell men that he showed himself through the beast, and that from them, and from the stars and the sun and moon should man learn.. all things tell of Tirawa”. –Eagle Chief (Letakos-Lesa) Pawnee 


At the time of the ancients, animals were not called animals, but creatures or beasts. Creatures were considered equals, in unity with all other living beings. Animals, birds, rocks, lakes, trees, insects and reptiles were all part of a Divine oneness shared with humans. They were treated with the highest respect and consideration. There was a great harmony between all beings on land, in sea and in flight.

Somewhere along the lines, between the wisdom of the ancients and the times of modern day, the connection between human animals and all other species was severed. Somewhere along the lines, animals were named subordinate; inferior. Perhaps it was because of their differing ability to communicate than humans. Perhaps it was because their compassion was so strong that humans saw them as “weaker”. Perhaps it was because humans began to see animals as commodities.

It is possible that humans began to separate themselves from all other species due to the creation of the spoken word. As a result of the human ability to understand a wide range of letters, sounds and words, perhaps humans began to surmise that they were better or more significant than the beings who had a different but equally valid form of self-expression. It is because of this arrogance that there is the human belief that all species are not of equal right to live out their natural lives in harmony with nature. This is a devastating misconception. It is the cause of so much suffering and destruction of animal kind and nature.

Is it not true that for centuries, at various times throughout history, different races, religions, genders and sexual orientations were considered subordinate and of lesser importance than others? Now we know better; that they are all equal. When we truly examine the nature of this concept, it is also true currently for all nonhuman species on Earth. We ALL have a right to be here, to live freely. We are ALL one, from the same Source creation, of the same origin, to the same end. The idea that one species is more important, more intelligent or lesser evolved is inaccurate and harmful.

In fact, animals are entirely Divine beings. They have come here to be our teachers, mentors and guides along our spiritual paths. What’s more is that they are beings of such depth of compassion and empathy that they are fully conscious of the errors of human ways. They are fully conscious of the fact that most humans consider them to be inferior. And they forgive us. They are conscious of the fact that they have incarnated to live alongside our fallible human species just to be misunderstood, poorly nourished, abandoned and abused-just so that humans can learn.

As our teachers, animals silently show us the nature of unconditional love. They show us how to love in a world so devoid of it. They are the bringers of joy, laughter and wonder. And just as our ancestors did, it is our job to respect, care for and nurture them in return.

As our teachers, animals allow us to understand the concepts of living in the moment, free of attachment to material things. Their concept of time is far more in alignment with The Divine than that of most humans. They do not live by a clock as humans have become accustomed to, but rather in response to the rhythms of their bodies, environments and nature.

When we become one with the soul of an animal, the universality of all of life becomes clear. When we become one with the soul of an animal, we experience true beauty; Divine beauty, a oneness of consciousness shared by all living beings.


Your animal friends have chosen to be your companions. They have seen your soul struggle life after life and want to help you heal. They, along with humankind and Mother Earth are spiritually evolving. It is their dharma to teach us what we need to learn in each life in order to progress along our paths to enlightenment. Our animal friends are fully Divine beings. Though they, too have their own karma from life to life, they incarnate in part to remind us of where we came from; the Divine consciousness.

Your animal friends chose you before they incarnated. It is no accident that you were at the right place at the right time to adopt your new family member. Your animal friend’s soul incarnated into whichever animal form you were drawn to, knowing that you would meet in this life and be together for however long you both needed to learn what you needed to learn from each other.

Our animal friends also learn from us. They learn about the human experience. They learn how to rely on us for everything- food, shelter, warmth and love. They learn how to trust and sometimes what it feels like to have trust broken. As they have their own karma, they also choose to learn from us these traits and abide by Earthly vibrations such as fear, sadness and shame.

Even our animal friends who are with us for a very short time have come into our lives to fulfill a specific purpose. They may have come to help us through a momentary grievance. They may stay with us until we beat an addiction, overcome an illness or other personal trauma and then be taken from us more quickly than we’d ever imagine. They may come into our lives to teach us why we need to keep the gate locked in order to pave the way for our next animal companion’s safety- they are that compassionate. They embody an unending supply of love that is at times unfathomable to the human mind.

Our animal friends have a purpose on Earth just as we do.

Animals are fully conscious, sentient beings and should be treated with nothing but respect and equality. Though they may not be able to “speak” our native language, they are completely capable of communicating with us in the language that is most familiar to every living being at their time of creation: love.

In dedication to my beloved cat companion; Pink. With love, J Morgan Saifer.



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