As if this month’s multi-faceted full moon in Sagittarius wasn’t enough, this week is fortunate enough to include our summer solstice. The full moon in Sag brought along with it an overload of information. It was hard to discern which path would be most prosperous for us as we had so many options! As Sagittarius is the most versatile of signs, by embodying its energy, we are prone to either feeling overwhelmed or electrified with the profound volume of knowledge and ideas that approach us.

Without a doubt, this week’s lunar energies were chaotic at best. It had a unique way of magnifying any emotional turmoil that we had been facing for the previous six months. Not only was the emotional dial turned up full blast, but because ethereal Neptune had made its way into the sign of Pisces, we had grave difficulty in distinguishing truth from fantasy. In essence, this last weekend was the perfect weekend for solitude. Solitude would have presented us with the doorway to reflect upon our feelings, to discern what was real and what was imagined.

Because this was the last full moon of the spring season; the last full moon before the start of summer, it was an opportunity to align with the culmination of any areas of our lives that were out of balance. There was an opportunity for a strong awareness of where we have room to grow and how to get ourselves there. It was a strong sense of personal empowerment. This final full moon of the spring season had the prospect of allowing ourselves to face our emotional battles head on before the beginning of the coming summer season.

Amidst the chaos of the full moon in Sagittarius, we find ourselves at the end of spring, about to enter into the resilient season of summer. We can take comfort in our alignment with Mother Earth’s ability to heal – despite all sorrowful, disparaging energies that come her way she always knows how to rebalance herself. It takes time, yes- however there is a certain reassurance that as we are her children, we have her innate ability to do the same.

The summer solstice is a time of great joy and enlightenment. The solstice symbolizes spiritual ascension. The summer solstice contains within it the day of the calendar year with the longest number of daylight hours. This means that the sun is in its highest point in the sky of the year. The summer solstice is a celebration of the sun. It is a celebration of light; Earthly, universally and individually. We may celebrate our reconnection or rekindling with Light. We may revere this first day of the new summer season as a new beginning for ourselves. We may view it ultimately as a victory of light over darkness.

The summer solstice, as with all celestial events, is about the celebration of nature. As with each beginning of a new season, this is a time to give thanks for what Mother Earth has gifted us both past and present. In celebration of the longest day of the year, we may wish to honour the sunlight, warm, fresh air, the surrounding life that springs eternal. We can take this time to connect with all of Mother Earth’s beautiful creatures; land, sea, mineral and sky. In connection with all of these creatures we may take the time to acknowledge the light that exists within all of us. And that really, there are fewer differences between all life forms that we may have initially thought. The light of the summer solstice may bring about the brilliance of knowing that the similarities that all of Mother Earth’s creatures share are of a much higher vibration than are any perceived differences.

This celestial week yields powerful potential. As with all identifiable challenges, we have the knowledge and fortitude not to fall victim to their taunting. We may rise above and face these perceived challenges with confidence and faith. Aligning ourselves with the empowering energy of the summer solstice, we can cast away the darkness and step into the victorious light.

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