The first new moon of the summer season makes its appearance in our night sky at 9:16 pm Pacific time. The new moon is a time for new beginnings. The birth of each lunar cycle yield many opportunities to begin again with a fresh start. Whether a personal fresh start on a small or large scale, utilizing the new moon’s energy to summon the confidence to let go of the old and begin anew is a very powerful and empowering step!

New moons are a time to contemplate any areas in which we feel out of balance. They are a time to accept that there are some external circumstances in our lives that we cannot change, so we must adapt. Developing a positive attitude takes work. The very first step to self examination is to look deep within ourselves. By peering into the depths of our consciousness, we are ideally able to find aspects of our personalities relationships or lifestyles that are out of alignment with our highest selves. By Drawing on this new moon’s influential energies, we will find the inner power to adjust our outlook to a more positive one.

Most notably, this new moon is not only a Divine calling to begin any new path that your heart desires, this lunar period carries with it our year’s first solar eclipse. Though in the northern hemisphere we will be unable to witness the magnificent celestial event, its ripples of energy will be felt worldwide. A solar eclipse occurs when the sun and moon are in astrological alignment with our Earth. This powerful alignment births an opportunity to realign ourselves in a healthier and higher state. Because during the new moon we are seeking new beginnings, the eclipse will amplify the knowledge and desire to let go of our old, unhealthy patterns and create new, higher beliefs, thoughts and actions.

While the sun represents our outward personalities, the moon illuminates our shadow sides; the sides of ourselves that we often wish not to acknowledge. The moon represents out subconscious tendencies- the actions and reactions that we exhibit that stem from a subconscious level. In other words, we may not be fully conscious of how or why we are acting and reacting to situations in a specific way. The solar eclipse’s blessing is that given that the sun (personality) and moon (subconscious) are in alignment with Earth, we can easily begin to peer into our subconscious to connect with our shadow sides. Seeking out these self aspects can often be alarming, as we have buried them deep in our subconscious for a reason. However, spiritual life is all about spiritual evolution. We must acknowledge that which we fear within ourselves so that we can begin to heal and move forward as healthier, more whole entities.

With both the sun and moon in the watery sign of Cancer, we can expect to feel a general sense of compassion toward all beings. Cancer is the maternal, nurturing sign that brings about a desire be with family. There is a desire to nurture children and loved ones. While this is a truly selfless deed, it is equally s important to nurture ourselves. It will help to continue to remind ourselves that when we spend our energy caring for others, we have little left to care for ourselves. We can easily become depleted. Particularly since both the sun and moon are in Cancer, both our conscious and subconscious will be geared toward matters of the home. We may find that we are longing for family or loved ones whom we have not seen for a period of time. We may find that we are extra needy during this time as well. Whatever the case may be, if we find that we are seeking external sources to create a sense of joy and fulfillment within ourselves, we must remember that the most beneficial way to find joy and fulfillment is to look within ourselves. Any matters that exist external to us are ultimately here to teach us how to learn to go within for approval.

One of the benefits of this new moon is that it will shake up what has been stagnating in your life. If there are any areas in your life that require you to set better boundaries, now is the time to do so. With the sun and the moon in Cancer, you may feel a pull to spend all of your energy reserves helping others. If this does happen during this lunar period, it is an invitation to learn to set better boundaries between yourself and others. This will create a more harmonious situation for you.

This solar eclipse promises to bring new light to the aspects of your consciousness which had gone dark. This celestial event is a invitation to make the changes necessary (however hard they seem) to evolve to the highest and best version of you. By taking regular intervals of time to ground and center, you will have the best possible opportunity to grow and flourish!



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