Particularly for those born under the signs of Leo and Aquarius, this full moon powerfully resonates. This Thursday’s full moon promises scattered emotions, fears uprooted and passionate flare ups. As with all full moons, this is an excellent time to set the intention to release all that no longer serves our highest and greatest good. This can be done through written word, spoken word, prayer, or any method that speaks to you. To release old energies, all we must do is focus on our heart centre and set the intention (written, spoken or prayer) to release all the energies in and around us that no longer serve our highest good. As always, it is important to thank our spiritual beings who help us to release this energy.

The moon is uncomfortable in the air sign of Aquarius. This is because astrologically, the moon is responsible for emotion. It is responsible for a Divine feminine aspect of our solar system. However when it resides in the emotionally detached air sign of Aquarius, there is a desire to detach from our emotional bodies. While our initial inclination with respect to the moon is to become one with our feelings, to become the nurturers of our families and friends, we may find a desire to do so from a distance. Instead of feeling the pull to engage our every nurturing whim, we may find that we are more easily able to take time for ourselves; to walk outdoors and enjoy the weather or to sit and read in a park.

With the moon in Aquarius we may find it considerably easier to avoid engaging in arguments with loved ones. The detached nature of the Aquarius is to listen objectively to the many sides of a conversation without being heated and force our way into winning the argument. Aquarians are generally peaceful. They will hear their loved ones out, take a moment or two to process and return with what they feel is an amicable solution. For those of us who are ordinarily hot headed, we may learn a lot from the reserved nature of the Aquarius.

This planetary alignment includes Aquarius opposite Venus. This creates a strong need for love and affection. However, it is likely to be unrequited. Venus calls for love and Aquarius answers back in a tepid, non-passionate way. Unfortunately we may also see undertones of jealousy, intimidation and impulsiveness. Since our new moon for those of us who have experienced interpersonal shifting and fluxing, we must hold true to ourselves. This is a time where patience and understanding wins the race. We must both be patient with our loved ones as well as with ourselves. This lunar period is not an ideal time to make final decisions. There is a lot of instability in the stars; take the time to review all options and as the moon begins to wane, your choice will become clear.

During this time, the moon also opposes Mars which tends to create a power struggle within romantic and business partnerships. One’s need to control or have ‘power over’ is illuminated. Should you find yourself in a partnership with a controlling partner, this may be the time to notice any ‘red flags’. Martian energy is head strong- after all, he is the God of War. Be mindful that anger and aggression may show their heads at this time.

As is Mars a headstrong planet, so is our Sun’s placement in Leo. Both Mars and Leo have a tendency to want to control everything. Should you find yourself in a predicament whereby you’re needing to have it done your way or failing to compromise, remember that there is certain power in the discipline of ‘letting go’. It’s often more important to be kind than to be right!

With our sun in the sign of Leo, we can expect to be full of physical energy. This is a wonderful opportunity to get through our list of tasks as we well have the energy to finish them all. Leo highlights our ambition and task orientation. For those of us who are generally insecure or shy, we may draw on the outgoing, boisterous Leo energy to accomplish anything our hearts desire.

With passionate Leo, detached Aquarius and the emotions of the moon pulling us in different directions it can be hard to know which way to turn. Our emotions may feel scattered at times, however with the benefit of this knowledge, we are able to reel them in and use the energies to our advantage. Let us channel our scattered energies into engaging in healthy practice for ourselves, our families and our mother Earth.


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