We have all seen a cat’s reaction to catnip. Though it appears as of our feline friend is merely having an enjoyable physical reaction to the herb and is having the time of her life, there are innumerable other health benefits of catnip for cats.

With known lineage as far back as ancient Egypt, Catnip is a highly regarded and effective healing herb. If you are the caretaker of a cat with an especially sensitive gastrointestinal system, you may want to try feeding your cat catnip once or twice a week. For those who are the caregivers of “pukers”, cats with gas or other digestive issues, catnip can calm their tummy aches and gag reflexes. In addition to these digestive aiding principles for cats, catnip has these of many other healing qualities:

  1. Appetite stimulation- catnip, when ingested, can cause those who are ordinarily reluctant to eat to have an increased appetite
  2. Nerve calming- catnip has been shown to relive anxiety and stress in cats. It can also help restless kitties who have trouble sleeping.
  3. Digestive aid- most store bought cat foods are extremely low in fibre. This causes a major digestive hold up. this hold up therefore can and will cause constipation. The results of this can cause severe pain and discomfort for our kitty companions. Additionally, the main fibre sources used in cat food are often composed of non food items such as saw dust. should these non food items become lodged in our kitties intestinal tract, they can even cause damaging illnesses such as cancer. By adding catnip as a regular staple to our feline companions’ diets, we can assist them in moving these unhealthy additives through their bodies more quickly. (Of course it would be paramount to feed our cats a healthier choice of fibre such as chia seeds or papaya seeds!) For more info please read:
  4. Flatulence reliever-As mentioned above, the low fibre content of store bought cat food can cause severe digestive pain. One side effect of this trouble is flatulence. Feeding catnip to our felines is an excellent and fun way to relieve their gas and bloating.
  5. Cold and Flu remedy- catnip both detoxifies the body and builds the immune system, making it an excellent remedy for seasonal allergies and/or the sniffles. Because the origin of allergies is a compromised immune system, catnip will help to regulate the body’s combat of toxins and dangerous pathogens.
  6. Anti Inflammatory- because of its ability to reduce inflammation, catnip is of great benefit to any companion animal diet. Most store bought foods are highly inflammatory to the cats bodily system. Particularly with respect to the “science diet” philosophy over the holistic variety, most of the non-food ingredients on the ingredient list cause inflammation of joints, muscle tissues and organs. Be adding catnip as a regular staple to the diet, we will be alleviating both short term discomfort as well as long term pain for our bff’s.

Catnip has a variety of valuable vitamins and minerals to also aid with your cat’s overall well-being; including selenium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, calcium, chromium, vitamins A & C.

Catnip is also highly beneficial for dogs and humans… though you may not get the same hilarious reaction upon ingestion as you do with cats. This is due to feline sensitivity nepetelactone isomers. This compound, isolated from the Nepeta Cataria plant (traditional catnip plant name) interacts with cats via the olfactory (smell) sensors. Catnip belongs to the mint family and has been used medicinally for over 1000 years.

Though catnip can be found at most animal food stores across the world, it is most beneficial for your cat to feed him home grown catnip. The varieties on the store shelves have been sitting for weeks and months on end. By feeding your kitty cat home grown catnip from your won plant, you will be ensuring a greater nutrient-rich experience for your cat. By ingesting the home grown herb, your sensitive cat’s tummy will have a =n easier time processing it. Therefore, its effects will be stronger, more productive and more enjoyable for your feline friend!

Because of its ability to stimulate the nervous system and to relax it shortly thereafter, catnip is the perfect mix of fun and good health for you and your feline companion!


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