At one time or another, we have all woken up after a dream and wondered what our dreams meant. Why did we dream of something? What does the seemingly nonsense string of events we dreamt of mean- if it means anything at all? Though every person’s subconscious landscape differs greatly from the next, there are several common dream themes and meanings that are generally similar in meaning for all of us. There are books, theories, practices and volumes written on why we dream, the meanings of our dreams, where dreams originate and what dream symbols mean. Here are 8 very common dream symbols and what they (generally) mean:

  1. NIGHT TIME– When your dreams occur in the darkness of night, this is a symbol of hidden fears. This is a message that your subconscious mind wishes for your hidden fears to be revealed so that you can heal them and move on!
  2.  CAR- Most people in the first world have dreamed that they are either driving a car, a passenger in a car, can’t find their car or any other type of car-related theme. Within the framework of dream interpretation, a car represents an extension of your body. Upon waking after a car-related dream, you may want to ask yourself: Who was driving the car? Where was I situated in the car? Was the car driving during the day/night? Was the road bumpy curvy or flat?
    If you dream that someone else is driving your car, this indicates that you are letting someone else control your life. Whether the person driving the car in your dream is the person controlling your life or not, having a dream that someone else is driving your car is indicative of letting someone else control your life.
    If you dream that you are driving a car, this means that you are in control of your life. However, if you are driving someone else’s car, this may mean that you have control issues with respect to that person.
    If you are driving uphill (or if someone else is driving you uphill) this means that you are facing an uphill battle. This could be relative to anyone else in the car or indicative of a personal uphill battle. If you or someone else is driving a downhill path, this may mean the end of a difficult situation. However, if you or someone else is driving downhill and there is a loss of control of the vehicle, this may mean a loss of control in your life or spiritual descent.
    Dreaming that you’re unable to find your car is representative of a loss of control over your life. (There is both in the dream as well as a loss of control a feeling of ‘panic’ or ‘anxiety’).
  3.  MOON- When you dream of the moon, pay attention to what phase it’s in; full, half, quarter, etc. As the moon has a monthly cycle, dreaming of the moon is indicative of a life cycle that you’re in. If you dream of a half moon, for example, this is indicative of your being halfway through that life cycle. Or, if you dream of a full moon, this is indicative of your being at the completion of a life cycle. Thus, a new moon is indicative of a new life cycle.
  4. DOG- Dreaming of a dog represents a dream about a loyal friend.
  5. CAT- Dreaming of a cat represents female sexuality.
  6. HOUSE- Dreaming of a house has many meanings, all relative to the same context. Much the same as a car represents an extension of the body, so does dreaming of a house. Depending on the nature of the house, we can interpret the meaning of the dream. For example, if you were to dream about a childhood home you lived in, this would be indicative of unresolved issues from childhood; particularly if the dream was anxious or fearful. (Often we awaken with a feeling after a dream- this would portray the feeling that we were having while we were dreaming).Should we dream of a house that we lived in during our first serious romantic relationship, this would be indicative of an unresolved issue from our lives at that time.
    To take this one step further, we will want to pay attention to the room in the house that we are dreaming about. For example, if we were to dream that we were in our kitchen, this would likely represent that we are hungry or that our digestive system was active at the time of the dream. Or, if we were to dream that we are in a bathroom, this would mean that our bodily functions would need attention during the time of the dream.
    However, if we were to dream that we were in our basement, this is likely to mean that we are dreaming about deeply buried memories or feelings. As the basement is generally below ground, it represents buried feelings or memories.Essentially, we will want to consider in what activities we usually partake, in that specific room or area of the house.
  7. WATER- Water in dreams represents emotion. To dream that we are floating on the water indicates that we are floating on our emotions, or at peace with them. To dream that we are on a boat on water, we must ask ourselves what the water is doing beneath the boat. Is it calm? Is it rocking the boat? Are the waves taller than the boat? If the water is calm, we can rest assured that we are in control of our emotions. If the water is rocking the boat or the waves grow taller than the boat, this symbolizes that our emotions are out of control. (The boat is an extension of our bodies just as a car is).
    If we dream that we are drowning, this represents that we are drowning in our emotions.
    If we dream that we are walking on a shore of a body of water, this may mean that we are reluctant to delve into our emotions.
  8. NAKED– Almost all of us have had a dream where we are naked in a group of people. Whether dreaming of being naked in our former elementary school class, at work or at a shopping mall, to be naked in a dream means simply that we feel exposed. The time period during which our dream takes place is indicative of the times in our lives where we felt exposed.

These are just eight of hundreds of common dream symbols. Delving into your dreamscape is an integral part of your spiritual journey. Our subconscious mind has many important messages to share. To unlock the mysteries of your dreams, you may wish to begin a dream journal. By keeping track of your dreams, you will begin to notice patterns which will allow you to better understand your healing journey!



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