Tuesday, November 26th births this year’s new moon in Sagittarius. New moons are always exciting celestial event s because they allow us to begin anew. Particularly because we experienced our last new moon in the darkness of Scorpio during Mercury’s retrograde, we are ready to return to the Light- and this new moon is just the right one with which to do it!

This new moon is an ideal time to manifest that abundance that has been eluding you. There is often a connotation regarding Sagittarius and abundance which makes this particular planetary alignment a wonderful opportunity to focus on abundance. Many people have misguided beliefs about abundance. Either they subconsciously feel that they are unworthy of abundance or the opposite; that they have a fear of success. Many people were brought up in families where there were belief systems that “life is hard. You have to work as hard as you possibly can to make every cent and then you cannot spend it! You must save, save, save…”. Whereas working hard is an important part of life, there is often a human misunderstanding that there is a finite resource for abundance in our lives. This is a belief system that has been instilled us that brings about fear and scarcity thinking. And nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, we are worthy of all of the abundance in the universe! We must learn to truly believe in our self-worth.

While the journey to self love can be a very lengthy and challenging process, we can begin to believe that we are worth of abundance by setting the intention during this new moon. By intending to be open to receiving the abundance we deserve, we are sending a message to the Universe that we believe that life is meant to be abundant and that we are worthy recipients. As with all new moons, this is the perfect time to set this intention. As the new moon waxes into a full moon, our intentions grow and flourish. It is important to note as well that some intentions we set can take more than one lunar cycle to come to fruition. Sometimes our intentions can take a lot of hard work. This intention for abundance is the perfect example. In order for us to receive the abundance we ask for, we must come into alignment with it. Coming into alignment with any intention takes a lot of intense work and self examination. In order for us to receive the abundance we ask for, we must take the time we need to truly believe that we are worth its reception.

On this occasion, both the sun and the moon are in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. . Sagittarius has a lot to offer. Because Sagittarius is often known for its boastful, jovial energies, this new moon is a wonderful time to gather with friends, to laugh and to rejoice. This lunar period calls for festivities and socialization. Because Mercury has recently resumed forward motion, we will likely feel an extra desire to connect with others. This is a wonderful time to live it up!

However, despite Sagittarius’ social nature, we must beware of overindulgence. Jupiter is the planet that rules Sagittarius. Jupiter has a very expansive nature which can be a catalyst for overindulgence. Whether we find ourselves at a family dinner, party or any other social festivity, we must take care to pay attention to how much food we eat or drinks we drink. On this double-Sagittarian occasion, we are prone to overdo just about every pleasurable activity there is to overdo. Remember that moderation is the key to peace. While it can be ok to have that extra drink or piece of cake once in a while, be sure to stay away from the whole bottle or the whole cake! Remember that every action we take has its consequences. If we wish to feel healthy tomorrow, avoid succumbing to temptation.

This new moon is the last new moon before our next solar eclipse on December 26th. This means that we have one month before both the sun and the moon align with Jupiter. This is a very fortuitous alignment that brings about an even stronger ability to manifest the abundance and joy that you deserve. Because we have one month between this new moon in Sagittarius and the new moon/solar eclipse in one month’s time, spending this month’s time on personal growth and self healing is the highest and best way to bring ourselves into alignment with the self-worth we need in order to receive the abundant gifts that the Universe has to offer.

Lastly, during this new moon, we also have Mars opposing Uranus. This can be quite a catastrophic alignment if we are not careful. Mars is the planet of war and Uranus is the planet of sudden change. The alignment of the two has the potential to bring about rash arguments, flaring tempers and bouts of rage. These disruptive forces can loom heavily in the air for many of us. However, our awareness of their potential can also help us to evade them. Becoming cognizant of their presence can help us to realize that at this time it is extra important to think before we react.

Though there is a chill in the air for most of us at this time of year, taking the time to go out and enjoy the fresh air is always an enjoyable way to experience the new moon. Expressing joy and gratitude for all that we have is the very best way to ensure that we are granted even more to be grateful for!



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