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These days, a growing number of animal caregivers are thinking and acting more holistically. Many of us have realized that western medicine, although sometimes necessary, is not the only solution to many of our companion animals’ health concerns. We have realized that medicine can be quite harsh on their small and sensitive bodies. We have realized the value of alternative treatments. We have realized that there is more than one way to treat ailments that arise in our companion animals. For some of us, this means research, research, research!

Though western veterinary medicine is still prevalent and has its significant role in saving lives, it is highly unnecessary to fall back on in every little circumstance. Just like for humans, companion animals can develop chronic health issues. This often means a lot of pain and suffering for our animal friends unless we do something to stop it. Most companion animal caregiver would run straight to the vet and read a list of symptoms for the vet to assess and diagnose. What most caregivers fail to realize is that the appointment should stop THERE. In many cases of chronic health issues, western medical doctors will prescribe medicines and treatments that are harmful to the body. They will prescribe medicines that treat the symptoms as opposed to the root cause of the issues. Most of these medicines are highly inflammatory and highly priced. But is there an alternative? Yes. There is. The alternative is to seek holistic care. For that matter, it need not be one or the other- we need not choose at all. We can seek both western and eastern (holistic) medicines. One difference between the two being that instead of treating the animal’s symptoms as a western doctor would do, the holistic doctor will assess the symptoms and diagnose the root cause of the health issues. When we treat the root cause, the symptoms go away. However when we treat the symptoms alone, they will never fully go away because the root cause is still there. Essentially, your animal will be made to take medicines that relieve only the symptoms for the rest of her/his life; unless the root cause disappears on its own. When we treat the root cause, both it and the symptoms will disappear.

Though in some cases, holistic care can take linger than western medicine to take effect, the long term health of your companion animal will be much healthier. This is because, as mentioned earlier, western medicines can be highly inflammatory, can seriously harm the inner organs of the animal, can cause kidney failure, cancers, irritable bowel, IBS, heart problems, sweat gland problems, allergies, and more. By taking the time to administer holistic solutions to the very same chronic issues your animal is exhibiting, you will almost definitely avoid all of the above consequences. Here are five powerful plants that will treat the ROOT CAUSE of your animal’s health issues.

TURMERICTurmeric is a wonderful anti-inflammatory plant. Its medicinal compound, curcumin, is a very strong antioxidant as well as highly anti-inflammatory. . Turmeric is linked to improved brain function and lowers the risk of brain diseases. Turmeric has also been linked to prevent some types of cancers because of its antioxidant properties. Turmeric, on its own, would be very difficult to achieve the desired amount of anti-inflammatory effects. This is why researching a curcumin supplement for your animal may be of benefit. The next time your vet suggests steroids as a form of anti-inflammatory treatment, (which actually end up inflaming your insides anyway after prolonged use as the side effects of them are often worse than the initial disease we wish to fight), discuss the idea of weaning off of the steroids and onto a healthier, safer anti-inflammatory option. Or, better yet, make an appointment with a holistic veterinarian and ask about turmeric.

DANDELIONDandelion is a bitter yet powerful plant. It is a front runner in anti-inflammation, aids in weight loss, reduces cancer risks and it boosts the immune system. Particularly for animals who have seasonal allergies, dandelion’s immune-boosting properties can help to regulate them. After all, allergies are just a symptom of a weak immune system. Thus, by boosting the immune system, we will be attacking the root cause of the health issue at hand.

MARSHMALLOW ROOTMarshmallow root has many magical benefits! By consuming it via capsule, tincture or tea form, we are allowing it to act as an enzyme that breaks down mucous in our respiratory tract. In humans, marshmallow root has been shown to relieve coughs, colds, bronchitis and other respiratory tract diseases. Safe for animals (with holistic veterinary approval), marshmallow root can help to alleviate similar symptoms. Secondly, marshmallow root has been noted to help skin rashes, eczema and dermatitis in humans. Used as an ointment and applied topically, this plant can help with skin rashes, itchy skin, dermatitis and various other skin irritations. Thirdly, marshmallow root aids in digestion. A natural diuretic and a reliever or constipation, marshmallow root can soothe irritation and inflammation in the digestive tract. Many companion animals suffer from chronic diarrhea or constipation. By soothing the lining of the stomach and intestines, your animal’s digestion is sure to flow more naturally! (Of course, before adding any powerful plant supplement to your animal’s diet , be sure to read your food labels to ensure that their stomach and digestion issues are not a result of nutrient-poor food).

MORINGARich in antioxidants, Moringa fights harmful free- radicals that run rampant through your animal’s body. What are free radicals? Find out here: ( . Moringa is a highly effective anti-inflammatory plant. High in protein, calcium, beta carotene, vitamin C and potassium, this miracle plant is a nutritious addition to any animal’s diet. Especially in today’s world of cat and dog food malnutrition, adding Moringa to your animal’s dietary regimen can help to regulate nutrient supply in the blood and body for an overall healthier quality of life.

LICORICE ROOT Sweet to taste, licorice root has innumerable health benefits for animals. Licorice root is a detoxifier of the liver. The liver is the organ in the body that is responsible for processing toxins that come from food, water and the environment. When the body is made to digest too many toxins, sometimes there can be a build up in the liver and it needs an extra push to be cleansed out. Licorice root is just the plant to do it. Another important benefit of licorice root for animals is that it has the power to treat a full spectrum of stomach ailments. It can treat any ailment from a digestive upset to an ulcer to stomach cancer. Licorice root is another highly anti-inflammatory plant. It helps to relieve pain, itchy skin, inflammation of the inner organs and joints without compromising the immune system which any veterinary prescription steroid would.
In addition to ingestion of licorice root in tea or tincture form, using it in a topical ointment or salve can be used to treat psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and flea-bite allergies. Licorice root is unique in that it provides relief right away whereas many other holistic treatments can take days or weeks to take full effect. Thus, using licorice root immediately following an allergic reaction such as a bite or skin rash or stomach/liver toxin buildup can be a healthier option while waiting for the rest of the holistic remedies to take effect.
Please note: there are several contraindications between licorice root and some medicines. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian before beginning administration of licorice root.

These are just five miraculously powerful healing plants of thousands. Finding a safer, longer-term focused, non-invasive treatment is always the better way for our beloved animal companions. As with all new ideas, it is highly recommended to further look into what these plants are, if they can help with ay condition your animal may be in and of course if they are safe for your animal (if your animal is on other medications). Talk to your local holistic vet about which of these powerful, magnificent plants are right for your best friend!



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