Our final full moon of 2019 rises on Thursday, Dec 12th. This last moon lands in the zodiac sign of Gemini. As the final full moon of both the autumn season and the year, this is a time to reflect. It is a time to ruminate over the last few months, the last year. For some of us, this may have been a year full of distress, loss and heartbreak. For others, this may have been a year of joys, heartfelt relationships and new beginnings. Into whichever category you fall, this full moon is a time to contemplate the year ahead. What did we enjoy about this year? What can we improve on? What do we wish for next year to look like to us?

As with all full moons, this one is helpful for releasing any energies that are no longer relevant to your growth at this time. For some of us this could mean that we burn the list of intentions that we had created during this most recent new moon. For others this could mean partaking in a banishing ritual to send the undesired energies away from us for good.

The final full moon in Gemini is a tricky one. Full moons often illuminate hidden aspects of our consciousness. Astrologically speaking, the sun represents our personality whereas the moon represents our hidden, subconscious feelings and tendencies. This full moon is no different. It will bring up aspects of our consciousness that we had buried deeply. It will bring our deepest insecurities to the forefront, creating a strong sense of vulnerability. This moon will relentlessly test our self- worth. The more we give into our insecurities, the farther away we get from a healthy and strong sense of self.

Because Gemini is most outwardly known as the ‘sign with two personalities’, those of us who are working through trust issues with others will be put to the test. For those of us with trust issues, our insecurities in romantic relationships, friendships or family relationships will be highly illuminated and could potentially make for a dramatic lunar period. We may catch ourselves, in mid conversation with those we trust, attempting to doubt the loved one with whom we are communicating. We may create scenarios in our heads that reinforce our insecurities and trust issues in relationships that are false; just so we can feed into the drama of our trust issues.

This lunar period will have us confronting the sides of ourselves that will likely make us feel uncomfortable. We will tend to focus on the areas of our life that we feel we have underachieved. If these self-defeating thoughts arise, let us be mindful that clinging to a belief system that suggests we “should” or shouldn’t” be doing something at the present time is harmful. Whereas we may have held these belief systems dear because they made sense at one time in our lives, it is time now to let it go. In fact, it is time now to let all belief systems go; particularly the outdated ones. This can lead to a long winded process of discernment- “what beliefs do I have that no longer serve me? Are these beliefs my own or have they come from an external source (such as parents, schooling, media, peer pressure)?”

Contrary to Gemini’s push to face our shadow sides, our sun sits in the jovial sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius’ place in thus planetary alignment can bring a welcome lighthearted energy to all of the self- work in which we are likely to engage. Sagittarius is social, charming, charismatic and fun! The sun’s place in Sagittarius also brings about a desire to engage in spiritual and philosophical conversations and activities. By drawing in and harnessing the Sagittarian energy, we may find the confidence and determination required to power through this period of self-examination.

In addition to the sun and moon’s opposing forces on our self confidence, we can also view the other planets that influence the feeling of lack of self worth. First we have Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Pluto resting in the sign of Capricorn, we will further be inclined to question our self-perception. Capricorn can feel very heavy and structured at times which can create an air of harsh self judgment. Pluto’s place in Capricorn will have us digging deep to uncover our deepest of insecurities and fears. Saturn’s comfortable place in Capricorn will feel like a disciplinary force, perhaps even oppressive.

Despite all of the situations we face that challenge our self worth, this Gemini moon is an opportunity to work through behaviour and thought patterns that need to be reconfigured or banished altogether. We may face this full moon with grace and dignity. After all, we know that all it takes to avoid feeding into our insecurities is to relentlessly love ourselves exactly for who we are. It takes telling ourselves that we are loved by us, by many and by The Creator. It takes the strength to laugh at our ego when it attaches to the negative thoughts in our heads. Because to laugh at them means that we recognize that they are just thoughts; that they can come and go without affecting us one way or another. Instead of dwelling on the negative, self-defeatist thoughts and feelings that wade through our minds, we can attach ourselves to the loving thoughts we think and words we speak.

This planetary alignment is heavily based on our sense of self. It is centered around our ego’s perception of reality. Be mindful that we are not our ego. We are free thinking, independent, Divine souls who have come here to make peace with the heaviness of our ego. We have come here to learn to love ourselves, even in the face of our own shadows. We must remember and take comfort in the fact that we are only given what we can handle! Any situation that challenges our self worth is sure to be one we can learn and grow from. We can handle it. We can confront it, battle it and rise above it. We are fierce warriors!


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