Following the first full Moon of 2020, on Friday, January 24th, we are faced with the first new Moon. After the brutal self-examination that our previous full Moon incurred, this new Moon brings about a new challenge. Despite the challenges that this new Moon in Aquarius brings, we can take comfort in its opportunity to begin again. As with each new Moon, we have the blessing of being able to manifest a new start for ourselves. New Moons signify the beginning of a new lunar cycle. This beginning is a time when we are able to ignite change through conscious intention.

This new Moon lies in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. Aquarians are known detachers from their emotions. Hence, this new Moon’s challenge- how to make sense of our emotions. Aquarians are air signs. This means that they are not attached nor comfortable with feeling their emotions. And if they are, they certainly do not want to regale their partners or loved ones with them. Aquarians do not wish to be encumbered with their emotions or the emotions of others. In fact, this new Moon is all about becoming comfortable with emotional freedom.

Emotional freedom can be about releasing attachment to our emotions about others. If we are in romantic partnerships, for example, we may feel compelled to want to process our emotions without the help of our partner. Or, it could mean that our partner will wish to process their emotions with our help. For this, we must be prepared. Should we wish to process our emotions on our own, we must make the time to do so. This new Moon is the perfect time to learn to stand on our own two feet instead of relying on others to tell us the answers.

Emotional freedom is far more than becoming detached from the emotions that we have about our interpersonal relationships. Emotional freedom is about releasing attachment to our fears ad insecurities. Often this is difficult because we have become so attached to our fears and insecurities that they have become our identity. This attachment to our fears has often been a lengthy process, and it’s important to recognize their origin. Perhaps we experienced childhood stress, trauma or loss. Perhaps we had a frightening experience that led us to create thoughts and belief systems in order to protect ourselves from being hurt again in a similar way. It is now time to detach from these defense mechanisms so that we are able to heal them and to nurture the parts of ourselves that were wounded enough to create them in the first place.

Thankfully, if we should find ourselves in the company of others, we will find it easy to identify our feelings. As we spend time around other people, we will be easily able to take personal cues regarding what aspects of our consciousness trigger fear and insecurity. Drawing on the Aquarian need to detach from our emotions, we will readily be able to view our fears and insecurities from a higher perspective; one of detachment. This new viewpoint will gift us the knowledge of how to let them go.

Because Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, we have the opportunity during this new Moon to liberate ourselves from that which binds us. Uranus is the planet of ‘shaking up and breaking free’. Thus, we can look at this new Moon as either an uncomfortable time of change OR we can look at it as a time to break loose from the ties that bound. Change can be frightening. However as spiritual warriors we have empowering courage. We are brave and can shake loose of whatever may be holding us back.

Astrologically, the start of this decade is challenging on every level. It has challenged us to look within and come to terms with our shadow selves. It has challenged our self worth, self confidence and self love. And now it is challenging our identity. It is challenging us to take a look at ourselves and to discern how much of our identity we have created out of fear and how much we have created out of love. It is challenging us to move away from relying on others for emotional validation and turning to ourselves for comfort. We are strong and fierce and CAN succeed these challenges. We can rise above, for once we do, we will emerge as butterflies from long dormant cocoons.



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