We have all studied the law of attraction. We have tried it to see if it works. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it works for the minor details of our lives. Its inconsistent at best. We have written down our intentions, made our vision boards and sent positive, loving thoughts and feelings towards them. We have been told that we are entitled to all of the abundance the Universe has to offer; all we need to do is to tap into it and harness it and honour it. So- why is the law of attraction not working for us? When it comes to the proper execution of the law of attraction, what most of the texts and articles you read fail to tell you is this:

There are 12 laws of the Universe. Each law plays off the others. This is to say that fundamentally, you cannot utilize only one law of the Universe and expect a perfect result. Each of the 12 laws supports each other to create a whole. The law of attraction is just one of the 12 laws of the universe. In order to achieve best results from calling upon the law of attraction, you will want to consider the other supportive laws surrounding it. One such law, the most crucial secondary law to manifesting, is The Law of Inspired Action. The Law of Inspired Action articulates that in order for our intentions to come to fruition, we must engage in thoughts, actions, feelings and beliefs that support them. This is to say that, as an example, should we wish for a new job, we may write an intention such as “I have a career that I love that pays all of my bills”. And then we walk away from the paper, expecting a new and improved life awaiting us the next day. Part of intention setting is to write our intentions down and let them go. This allows the Universe to work behind the scenes in order to co-create our desired intention. However, the fruition of our intentions is not solely up to the Universe. In fact the Law of Inspired Action indicates that we, in tandem with the Universe, are responsible for co-creating our intentions. As per our example of manifesting a new career that is better suited to our needs, we must partake in the journey of its fruition. For example, instead of intending for a new job and expecting one to be dropped on our doorstep, we must engage in thoughts, beliefs actions and feelings that support our desire for a new job. This may mean looking at the job bank every day or making any other effort to seek appropriate employment. This means taking the time to seek the employment instead of assuming that one day it will just appear. This also means making the effort to believe that you are worthy of your dream job. Instead of telling yourself that you’re hopeless and it’s never going to happen, cast your fears aside and believe in yourself.

Many people assume that once they have listed their intentions, all they must do is sit and wait for their intentions to happen. As with all spiritual endeavours, intention setting takes work. Whatever we are aiming to achieve, in addition to letting the Universe know what we desire, we must work towards the goals. We can let the Universe know what we want, and they will do their part in creating it, however we must also take action to make our intentions happen. Should our intention be to “be the healthiest version of ourselves that we can be”, “lose weight”, or anything else heath related, we can easily sabotage our intentions by looking at ourselves in the mirror and not loving what we see. Every time we see our reflection, our following thoughts and feelings impact our intentions. Should we look in the mirror and feel disgusted by what we think we look like, we will experience negative consequences. Each time that we tell ourselves that we are ugly, that we are fat, that we are unworthy of love- these thoughts and feelings sabotage our intentions. By replacing these harmful thoughts and feelings with those of self love and self worth, we are engaging in thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions that support our intention to be healthy, to lose weight or to get in shape.

Looking at how the Law of Attraction works on a more fundamental level, what many people are unaware of is that the words we use play a huge role in the fruition of our intentions. There are three tried, tested and true guidelines when it comes to the proper execution of the Law of Attraction. These guidelines are called “The Three Ps”.

  1. Positive words- When creating your list of intentions, using only positive words will be the only way to attract what you desire. For example, should you wish to quit smoking, instead of using the phrase “I don’t smoke”, you can use the phrase “I quit smoking” or “I am smoke-free”. By using negative words such as “don’t, can’t, shouldn’t, etc”, you are reinforcing what you do not desire and sending that into the Universe. By using positive words, you are reinforcing what you DO desire, and sending that into the Universe. At all times, the Universe responds to our vibrations. Whether you choose to send a positive r negative vibration into the universe, it will respond in kind- thus, by using positive words throughout your list of intentions, the Universe will respond.
  2. Present tense- When creating your intentions, they must always be written in the present tense, as if you already have them. For example, instead of writing “I will quit smoking”, you may write “I quit smoking”. This is because technically, all that exists is right now. The past has already happened and the future has yet to happen. Should you write “I will quit smoking”, you are setting the intention to perpetually happen in the future. By writing “I quit smoking”, you are setting the intention for right now.
  3. Personalization- When intention setting, ethically you may not create an intention for anyone other than yourself. This is because you are only responsible for yourself. Should you create an intention for someone else, you are likely to violate their free will. For example, let us say that you have a relative who is ill. Naturally, because you love them and wish for them to be well, you add to your list of intentions “uncle Bob is healed”. Sounds selfless, right? No. While your intentions are pure, you may be violating Uncle Bob’s karma. He may have done something in his past to attract said illness. It is his karma to work through, not yours. Every living being walks his/her own karmic path. Should you interfere with anyone else’s karma in this way, you are blocking them from living out their life’s purpose. In other words, neither Uncle Bob’s nor anyone else is your responsibility. Often, should you attempt to violate anyone else’s karma in this way there are karmic consequences for you.

The details of utilizing the law of attraction are very specific. The more specific we are with our wording, the better opportunity for success there is. The Universe is very literal and will take your written words literally. This means that using particular words is a must. It is always important to add, at the end of your intentions, the phrase “in my highest and greatest good”. Adding this statement will ensure that whatever work you must do on yourself to achieve your goals will be done with greater ease and in a much gentler way. Working on yourself to achieve your intentions can be gruelling at times. To help us through this process, we will want to add the above phrase at the end of our list.

Generally, we create our list of intentions on each New Moon. While this is not necessary, composing our list at this time every month helps to get us into the routine. As legend has it, if we write our intentions during the new moon, as the moon grows, so do our intentions. Once the moon becomes full, we can either burn them, sending them into the atmosphere, or we can set them aside to read in the years following to see how far we have come. Be sure not to view your list of intentions every day. Be sure to write them down and let them go so that your ego is removed from the process and the Universe can co-create in its own way. Divine timing is everything.

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