We have upon us today a magnificent opportunity. Today is one full of brand new beginnings. Today is one full of designing and aligning with our soul’s highest potential. Today marks a gateway that passes from the tumultuous stumbling of our past to the crisp, clear, completeness of our future; should we take the leap.

This day of dual beginnings embarks with our Summer Solstice; the first day of summer. Every beginning of a new season is a blessed opportunity to begin anew. It is a Divinely timed opportunity for us to wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to begin a new and exciting season of our lives. Astrologically, the summer solstice is marked by the longest day of the year. And as it happens, on this longest day of the year and shortest night of the year, we coincide with a new moon. Both the new moon and the solstice are colossal opportunities to manifest the next phases of our lives.

During this powerful celestial event, we can note that Mercury is in retrograde. Thus, there is a shift of focus inward. This is a time where we can journey within and examine the aspects of our consciousness that are out of alignment with our soul’s highest purpose at this time. We will find ourselves in a state of reflection regarding past experiences and how we can engage in higher levels of healing. This is a time to look back at past experiences we may still be holding onto and learn to walk the path of self forgiveness. Because the new moon is in Cancer, this Mercury retrograde/new moon period will be all about allowing ourselves to feel our deep emotions, bring them to the surface, work through them and forgive. For more information on Mercury retrograde; what it is and how it affects us, see: .

Due to the daunting nature of this year thus far, we must remain vigilant and understand that we as a species hold the capability to shift any subsequent reality to this alarming and sad series of worldwide events. Though we have all undoubtedly done the very best we can to wade through the mess of 2020, it is now time to take it upon ourselves to make a change and to work toward building a brighter future for ourselves, our children and our animal brothers and sisters.

As with all new moons, this one is a time to heavily consider what we wish to manifest over the coming months. Particularly overlooking the next six, we will want to take note of where we wish to see ourselves and humanity at the end of six month’s time. As this new moon is in Cancer, we will be taking the longer view to six months from now when the moon will wax full in Cancer, allowing our seeds of this particular new moon to unfold. To best create our intentions along with the moon, we will want to write them down on the date of the new moon. We will then watch them grow and flourish with each lunar cycle until the moon n Cancer waxes full in December. To write our intentions, we must always us the 3 P’s. We must also remember to engage in actions, thoughts, beliefs and feelings that support our intentions (for more information about the Law Of Attraction, see:

Because the new moon is in Cancer, we will experience and emphasis on home and family life. During this new moon time we will feel inclined to want to ensure all of our children and family are safe at all times. In fact it may become a brief obsession of ours; making sure we are in constant contact and finding that we are feeling alarmed is a loved one is unreachable. We will likely be hyper-focused on nurturing our loved ones. It will become even more important to us to ensure that our family and friends are well fed, well loved and well-heard when it comes to any current stress through which they are living. This new moon is sure to bring out the “mom” in all of us- even if we have no children!

Cancers tend to be quite emotional. It is important, during this lunar period that while we are caring for all of our loved ones, we take extra good care of ourselves. Eat well, play well and rest well. Finding our own sense of balance will surely assist us in caring for our loved ones. After all, how can we care for them if we are exhausted? We would surely do a much more fulfilling job with caring for our loved ones if we did so from a balanced state. We must always remind ourselves that its ok to be emotional. This is a very strange and unusual time in our world’s history that affects each and every one of us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And we must allow ourselves to feel the depths and heights of these modern challenges. We must avoid bottling our feelings as they will only come out at a later time in an unhealthy way. By allowing ourselves to feel our sadness, despair, compassion and empathy, we will more easily be able to process them and to pass through them in the healthiest way possible. It is OK to feel our feelings!

This is a time that is ripe with fertility! The combination between this new moon and the beginning of summer is sure to bring the opportunity for expressing gratitude. Any and all celestial events can be celebrated through the communion with nature. By connecting with nature and allowing ourselves to feel gratitude toward Mother Earth at this time, we will not only be sharing healing energies with her, but we will also be allowing ourselves to ground and find peace in her arms. We may connect with nature in may different and beautiful ways. We may root our feet into our Earth, we may collect several natural items to bring into our homes from nature with which to meditate. We (my favourite!) can go out into nature, remove our shoes and dance, dance, dance the glorious day away!

For those of us who have healing crystals, this day is an excellent time to clear and recharge them. Remember to clear them means to place them in direct sunlight for several hours. You may also use sage and the power of intention to clear their energies. To charge them, set an intention for yourself for the next six months of your life. Place that intention into the crystals and bring them back into your home, placing them on your altar or wherever feels energetically proper.

However we choose to celebrate this fantastical day of new beginnings let us all take periodical moments throughout the day to find as many aspects of our lives about which to be grateful. Gratitude is the highest and best way to being more joy into our lives. It is the highest form of prayer. Gratitude is the colour palate of life. Let us paint to our heart’s content!


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